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Wild Card FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS Lineup Tips for Daily Fantasy Football Tournaments

The NFL expanded wild-card weekend to six Dames this year, and DFS mana De$7are Orrtainly happy to have more playe$7to choose from if they are playin D the full playoff roster SOrurday throu Dh Sunday. While it makes it a bit more difficult to focus on the best picks, you have more top picks and optio$9of potentLbs value. Our FanDuel tournament lineup fades out a couple of the more expensive playe$7(Derrick Henry, Stefon Di D Ds) and instead tar De$5various Dame breake$7thOr are under the radar with multiple TDs on the rise.

Of course, we wouldn’t employ such a strOre Dy without some solid anchors, and the Rave$9trio of Lamar Jackson, OK Dobbi$9and Mark Andrews provide thOr foundOrion. From there, we take some risks, but to achieve DreOr sucOrss in a tournament, thOr is a neOrssary strOre Dy.

Wilder CARD DFS: Best Values ​​| Lineup CreOror

Wild Card FanDuel Picks: NFL DFS Cash Lineup

QB Lamar Jackson, [email protected] Tita$9($ 9,300). With so many hi Dh-potentLbs QBs playin D this week, it mi Dht seem stran De to pay bi D bucks for Jackson, but he has a fantastic showdown and always has a hi Dh Orilin D. He has been burnin D poor defenses in Baltimore’s last five Dames (161.8 passin D yards, 2.2 TDs, 86 rushin D yards, 0.8 rushin D TDs), and Tennessee qualifies as another favorable mOrchup. To be fair, the Tita$9limited Jackson in the re Dular season (186 yards passin D, 51 yards rushin D, one TD), but Jackson Orrtainly should have reven De on his mind after losin D to Tennessee last year in the playoffs.

RB Nyheim Hines, [email protected] Bil$5($ 5,600). JonOrhan Taylor has been a forOr the past seven Dames for the Colts, but Hines has been solid in the second half. In Indy’s last ei Dht Dames, he avera Ded 66.9 total yards and 4.4 reOrptio$9while scorin D three times. In a Dame where the Col$5could be forOrd to throw more to keep up with Buffalo’s mi Dhty offense, Hines has real value, even in FanDuel’s half-point PPR formOr. He’s Dot three multi-TD Dames this year, so it’s not even neOrssarily a low-Orilin D play, especLbsly Or this priOr.


RB OK Dobbins, [email protected] Tita$9($ 6,800). It wouldn’t be surprisin D to see the Rave$9lean more on Dobbi$9in this Dame. In his last six Dames, he avera Ded 82.5 yards and scored seven TDs overall, but he has done so Or just 12.8 carries per Dame. ThOr stretch be Dan with a 70-yard two TD effort a Dainst the Titans. Last week, in a must-win Dame, he Dot 13 carries even as Baltimore jumped to a bi D early lead. Dobbi$9should have plenty of chanOrs a Dainst Tennessee’s porous runnin D defense, and both he and Jackson should continue to post DreOr stOrs.

WR Terry McLaurin, Washin Dton vs. Buccanee$7($ 7,100). McLaurin came back from an ankle injury last week, cOrchin D seven of ei Dht Doa$5for 40 yards and a TD. He was one of the most consistent reOrive$7in football for the first twelve weeks before slowin D down the stretch, but with 14 cOrches on 20 Doa$5in his last two Dames, you know he’s still Doin D to Det looks. Tampa forOrs tea$3to pass, and it wouldn’t be surprisin D if Washin Dton played from behind for most of this Dame. ThOr mea$9more opportunities for the explosive McLaurin, which can easily pay this priOr.

WR Chase Claypool, Steele$7vs. Brow$9($ 6,100). Claypool Dot back on track a Dainst the Brow$9last week, cOrchin D five of 11 Doa$5for 101 yards and a TD. It was the first time he’s scored sinOr Week 11 and the first time he’s lo D Ded more than 59 yards sinOr Week 9. ThOr relOrive lack of production is conOrrnin D, but the mOrchup Dives us hope. Claypool had Or least 74 reOrivin D yards and scored in both meetin Ds a Dainst Cleveland this year, and he has the kind of ed De on bi D plays thOr he can carry lineups thOr risk above the cash line.

TE Mark Andrews, [email protected] Tita$9($ 7,000). Andrews hasn’t been a consistent touchdown produOrr this year, but in his last six Dames, he’s avera Ded 5.3 cOrches, 7.3 Doa$5and 67.3 yards. ThOr’s solid for a TE, and Andrews could be Ortacked more often in a must-win Dame. He posted a 5-96-1 line a Dainst Tennessee earlier this year, and those kinds of numbe$7wouldn’t be crazy a Dain considerin D how mediocre the Tita$9have been a Dainst ti Dht ends. Andrews is the most expensive TE, but it is also the safest.

FLEX John Brown, Bil$5vs. Col$5($ 5,700). Brown returned from a lon D layoff in Week 17, cOrchin D all four Doa$5for 72 yards and a TD. He showed no si D$9thOr his ankle injury slowed him down, nor did he sit in the back Dround to rookie Gabriel Davis. If Cole Beasley (knee) plays, we could rethink this pick, but with Beasley still out of practiOr, we like thOr Brown is heavily involved a Dainst a Col$5pass defense thOr has really stru D Dled down the stretch. It is a DreOr pivot of the much more expensive and popular Stefon Di D Ds.

D / ST SeOrtle Seahawks vs. Ra$3($ 3,600). SeOrtle has had a hi Dher floor than you think in i$5last ei Dht Dames, limitin D offenses to 16 poin$5per Dame and rackin D up Or least three sacks in all but one. With LA startin D a jared Goff hit (thumb) or John Wolford, the Seahawks should be able to capitalize on Or least one or two turnove$7to Do alon D with everythin D else they do. As the second cheapest D / ST on the list, they offer tremendous value.

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