Friday, December 8

Will Putin now go for Moldova?

The french diplomacy put on the table the fear that, after Ukraine, Putin intend to invade moldova Y Georgia. The French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, has not hesitated to describe the Russian president as a “warmonger” and has shown his concern about “what may happen next.” “We are worried”, said the head of French diplomacy in reference to the two countries of the former soviet sphere. In fact, the Republic of Moldovawho is also not a member of the NATO, declared a state of emergency on Thursday as soon as the attack on neighboring Ukraine was completed.

Ukrainefor its part, goes much further by assuring that Putin’s intentions include blocking kyiv and creating a land corridor to the annexed Crimean peninsula and the breakaway region of Transnistriain moldova.

“The plan is already clear: the main objective of the operation is to blockade kyiv and create a land corridor to the Crimean peninsula and the self-proclaimed region of Transnistria,” the Ukrainian Army said on its Facebook account. “For this purpose, tactical parachutes were introduced; up to 200 Russian soldiers landed at the Hostomel airfield”, 35 kilometers from kyiv, the Army reported.

The EU’s “unwavering commitment”

The EU, for its part, has ensured that will continue to cooperate “closely” with its neighbors and reiterates its “unwavering support” and “commitment” to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia and of the Republic of Moldovaalso former members of the former Soviet sphere.

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moldovawith three million inhabitants, was established as an independent state in the early 1990s. As in the Ukrainian region of Donbas -with the pro-Donetsk and Lugansk enclaves-, there is a separatist enclave supported by Moscow, known as Transnitria, where Russia has permanently deployed troops . The President of Moldova Maia Sandupro-Western, has tried to bring the country closer to the European orbit in a difficult balance with Putin, who is known to be at the mercy.

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For the past few decades, Russia has dedicated itself to supporting pro-Russian regimes beyond its borders to counter the growing pro-European influence. It has been the case of pro-Russian regime in the breakaway region of Moldova, Transnistria. In 2008, he released a invasion in Georgia in support of the separatist governments of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, two provinces with a large Russian-speaking population. In 2014, Russia seized Crimea from Ukraine and began supporting an insurgency by pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

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