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Will there be an audience at the 2020 Christmas Lottery Draw?

The Royal Theater, where the Christmas Lottery Draw is held.

The Royal Theater, where the Christmas Lottery Draw is held.

For the first time in history, Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2020 will be held at the Teatro Real in Madrid without public assistance, as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic that is hitting the entire world. In addition, the capacity that is destined for the media will be reduced by 50%. It will, therefore, be an atypical draw, according to the current situation, with a special protocol to maintain the safety of the participants.

This year, the Christmas Lottery Draw it will be completely different from what we are used to seeing. The regulars of this long-awaited Christmas event such as the octogenarian will not be able to attend the Royal Theater Manoli Sevilla, the ‘bishop’ Juan, the ‘Happy Mocito’ or Fernando Vázquez, a 78-year-old boy from San Ildefonso who sang in 1954 Fat and that since then not a draw was lost.

Yes, the boys and girls of the San Ildefonso Residence-Boarding School in Madrid will return to the stage of the Madrid theater. “In principle, everything is being prepared so that 16 participants attend, of which 10 are boys and 6 are girls, but they are not definitive data “, explained recently in an interview Charo Rodríguez, director of the well-known institution. The number of children who participate usually is around thirty.” This year we are working with more enthusiasm if possible so that the draw has the participation of the boys and girls of the Residence, putting a lot of love and dedication that is shared by all the agents involved, “said Rodríguez when asked if this year there are more nerves due to the particular situation of the coronavirus pandemic.

In addition, “it will be the raffle with the greatest health security measures in its history,” as explained by the State Lottery and Gambling Society (SELAE), which has been working for months with the Teatro Real and the Residencia-Boarding School of San Ildefonso of the Madrid City Council in the development of a special protocol as a consequence of Covid-19 to maintain the safety of the participants.

Protocol in the Christmas Lottery Draw

Among the measures to be carried out is the performing antigen testing to all the people who remain on stage during the Extraordinary Christmas Lottery Draw. Also, it will increase existing space between drums to guarantee the required safety distance at all times.

On the other hand, all participants, including children, will have to go with a mask. Only those who sing the prize and number balls will be without it at the time of their intervention, always maintaining a safety distance of two meters between their positions.

There will also be a security screen for lottery professionals. In addition, this year the presidential table will have a total of four members, instead of the usual five, to comply with the safety distance.

He Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2020 will distribute on December 22 a total of 2,408 million euros in prizes, which means 28 million more than the previous year. The prizes that will be distributed will be headed, one more year, by the desired Fat Christmas. The first prize of the Christmas Lottery 2020 has an amount of 400,000 euros per tenth. Next, there is the second prize, which will distribute 125,000 euros to the tenth. It is followed by the third prize, with its 50,000 euros to the tenth. Then there are the fourth prizes, with 20,000 euros each, and the fifth with 6,000 euros as a prize for the tenth.

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