Friday, January 21

Will we endure the new wave or will they lock us up again?

The Minister of Health, Ana Barceló knows it, the president, Ximo Puig, knows it, his health advisers know it, but nobody has done anything to cushion the devastating effect of the figures. Data that sank the Pilar bridge and are on the way to sink the Immaculate, but not only in Benidorm anymore. At the tourist level, what happens in Benidorm affects, for better and for worse, the rest of the tourist enclaves in the province.

But going back to the question of our real estate developer specialized in the residential tourism. The truth is that I did not know very well what to answer him or if my words reassured him. It is clear that neither Ximo Puig nor Pedro Sánchez, whose responsibility it is that the province of Alicante does not return to the 2020 scenario, do not value a possible return to the toughest months of 2020, but it cannot be hidden that the Lack of control in “sensible” countries like Germany or Austria, or Spain itself, makes us think of the worst, and no one would put up with it, at least the economy, and if it collapses, it drags us all away.

The sun and the beach facilitate support of 300,000 families in the province of Alicante, including those that some of its members work in vacation construction, and, right now, it is not that it is difficult to give up this model, but the question is why should it be done if until the covid decided to do tourism and leave China worked great? Another different issue is that it is necessary to give a twist to modernity and renew quality, both in what is seen when you enter the reception of a hotel, as in what the tourist does not see and is so important, such as what do not fail the air conditioning, the heating or that the water rises with pressure to the top floors. This is also tourist intelligence. And yes, many hotels have taken advantage of the COVID break to do so by investing millions of euros.

The model is still valid. European workers, British, above all, but also from the rest of Europe, who are looking for a economic summer area and close to their homes thanks to charter or low cost flights. That’s how it started, and that’s how it continues 50 years later. A structure that, it is true, needs large numbers of tourists to pay the bills that went out until the pandemic, as evidenced by the fact that the provincial tourism industry supposes, or supposed, until 2020, 15% of its GDP.

Therefore, look and behave now as in the time when we didn’t even know what the covid was, nor had we ever heard of the word, it only makes us stagnate, wasting part of our mental energy and is what we must eradicate in order to focus on the future, according to the conclusions of a group of psychologists from Madrid. We must adopt protection measures, for ourselves and for others, but this cannot be stopped again, a threat that is there, latent seeing the increase in the incidence in Spain, in the Valencian Community, where things have been done well, and in a Europe overwhelmed and full of insubstantials. I confess that the last days of Austria, a country that I considered a model, is difficult to understand, much less accept. Nor can we get into a desperate struggle of our mind to get all things under control. Instead of facilitating a way out, this scenario generates even more uneasiness as we are continually preparing for what is to come. What if the new normal, the outbreaks, how to live with the covid. You have to face it, of course, but if you pass us or look angrily at the person in front of you for coughing the bus.

The covid has put us before a unknown situationNot so much anymore, but we have lived with infectious diseases our whole lives. The fear of a possible contagion, the fear of leaving home is free, of course, but a confinement, a stoppage, a turn back would exacerbate an economic crisis with effects as lethal as those caused by the virus itself. Ximo Puig knows this, that is why he must attend to flanks such as that of information and, it must be repeated, the Consell must be much more prudent when launching and, above all, when analyzing the data that directly influence a sector, the tourism crushed by pandemic . As much as on weekends it is difficult to find a table for dinner and it seems to us that everything is back to the way it was in 2019. The covid has infected more than 185 million people and has caused four million deaths worldwide. incomprehensible that thousands of people continue to deny the vaccine.

Let’s stop demonizing tourists. Foreign Health is responsible for the control at the Alicante-Elche airport, and just as it rejected dozens of British in the midst of the hard phase of the pandemic, now it lets them in because they arrive vaccinated. That later they can be infected in the province. Well, the same as a neighbor in any Alicante, Elche, Torrevieja or Villena neighborhood. Of course, individual responsibility. That which has been asked from minute zero and on many occasions is conspicuous by its absence.

Enline december the tourism sector is still on the ropes, because neither the Imserso has been activated, which has been reduced to three months, nor do reservations enter outside of what is Christmas or New Year. And if tourism gets constipated … At the moment, more than 60 hotels are already closed due to lack of reservations and the 6,000 daily retirees from the Imserso. A very harsh winter. Luckily the ERTEs were extended, a labor “band-aid”, let’s not forget it either.

Postscript: the fear of the covid has canceled two Christmas meals with 500 diners in the city of Alicante this week. 25,000 euros are left on the road. Ask the hoteliers.

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