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Willing to fight and laugh | Opinion

Rihanna, and her partner, partner A $ AP Rocky, arrived at the MET gala this Monday in New York.
Rihanna, and her partner, partner A $ AP Rocky, arrived at the MET gala this Monday in New York.Evan Agostini / AP

They say that God is everywhere. Also on Twitter, where he has a parish of about 584,000 followers, a few more than the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, and many less than Arturo Pérez Reverte, for example. In its bio, the lines with which each user presents themselves in society, @diostuitero describes: “I come from an unstructured family: a virgin mother, a dove father and sleeping in a manger.” The network is a territory prone to crusades, guerrilla wars (trolls) and threats (blocking), but with large plots for humor. Twitter wants to fight, but also to laugh.

If the sense of humor is a sign of intelligence, we can ensure that, between bots and vigilantes, brilliant beings inhabit the networks, capable of making us smile in snowfalls and heat waves, in health and in illness.

@ CoronaVid19 –— ”I am a pandemic. The RAE has made me a woman ”, says his bio– has almost 930,000 followers on Twitter. There are 263,000 more than the official account of the Ministry of Health itself accumulates. Behind it is Mario de Diego, a 38-year-old from Madrid who works as an educator. He uses the Internet not only to make people laugh, but to criticize, through satire, those who seem determined to stay with us for a long time, namely, deniers, anti-vaccines and insubordinate: “Well, in the end they are going to make me work in the summer.” ; “Goal of Vinicius, what have they put to the vaccines?”; “Since I’ve been here, you are all epidemiologists” …

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There are events that leave memes – videos or cartoon images – on a platter, the ball bouncing. For example, the Met gala, in New York, where to celebrate fashion, a woman named Kim Kardarshian arrived dressed in ninja robber, with a black stocking on her head – she earned the trending topic freehand—; a man dressed up as winter, with what looked like a bedspread rolled up around his body, and another as a robot — the tweeters, who are very rigorous when they want, specified that they were C3pO—.

But it is in the difficulties that the geniuses of Twitter grow and achieve the most difficult still: that we laugh not at the extravagances of others, but at our own misfortunes. Filomena arrived, the biggest snowfall in years, and those bright creatures put Fernando Simón, director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies, to say that it was going to be “one or two snowflakes at most” and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the Madrid president, to promise “a snowfall hospital.” Without equating Filomena to the last great divorce in football, that of Messi and Barcelona, ​​but without underestimating the suffering of others – each is each – @jerofreixas posted on Twitter a hilarious video in which he tried to explain to his wife the Magnitude of the tragedy and why it affected him so much personally: “We all thought they were going to be together until death. They were the perfect couple. How are we children? Suddenly I’m going to see him with another! ”.

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@Pantomima_Full laughs at the multiple forms of posture (the “canallita”, the foodie, the modernito …). Models with sciatica (@MCiatica) from the contortionism of fashion photographs (better to see); @pelidetarde, of the gruesome plots and strange titles of those feature films whose only reason for being is to wake up from a nap without regrets. @javi_Sancho_ posts videos in which he complains bitterly, and while he runs, about problems that are not on the political agenda, such as the disappearance of mothers due to addiction to Turkish series. These are just a few examples. Twitter is full of hatred, but also full of laughter.

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