Sunday, October 1

Wimbledon: Follow the Cerúndolo live

Rafael Nadal he walks the grass of London with determination on his face. And for the first time in a year and a half without pain in his foot injury. The Spaniard has not stepped foot in the London tournament for three years, but he has two titles to his credit and very recent feats behind him, such as those in Australia and Roland Garros, where he was proclaimed champion.


To update


Nadal wins the draw and chooses to be the first to serve.


The players are already on the court. Cerúndolo first and Nadal later. Ovation of the public that Nadal corresponds with the arm.


To highlight the great atmosphere that is lived in the Center Court of the ‘All England Club’ to see the return of Nadal to the tournament so much time later.


Let us not forget to comment on the fear that begins to circulate through Wimbledon after there have been several cases of coronavirus among the tournament participants. And among them someone who trained with Nadal a few days ago…


Five or ten minutes before the game starts, warm-up by…


Finish the match Swiatek, which is undone on the fast track by Fett (6-0 and 6-3). When both leave the center court it will be Nadal and Cerúndolo’s turn to jump onto it.

And while the matches for this Tuesday are being decided, Wimbledon has already published the order of play for tomorrow, Wednesday, through social media…


At 23 years old, the Manacor rival is playing his first match in the Wimbledon main draw today and has a negative record (1 win and 2 losses) on grass so far in 2022. The Argentine, number 41 in the world, he has never faced Nadal until today.


On grass, Nadal’s background does not come close to his stratospheric number on clay, but he is not bad either: he has 75 wins for 25 losses. In fact, that has led him to play in the final three times, with two wins and three losses.


Rafa Nadal’s debut in the London tournament is scheduled for the second turn on the center court of the ‘All England Club’. It won’t kick off before 4pm, although seeing how the previous match is going, it’s likely to be delayed a bit.


The tennis player with the most ‘Grand Slams’ on his resume arrives at the event in good shape after the new treatment he underwent to limit his foot pain without having to infiltrate each game. A couple of days ago Nadal confessed that he had good feelings and, for the first time in a year and a half, without pain in his foot.


Buenas tardes!

Finally, a day marked on the calendar by all tennis fans has arrived, that of the debut of Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon three years later. After pandemics and various problems, the Balearic tennis player arrives at the English tournament to try to score his third ‘Grand Slam’ of the season.

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