Tuesday, January 25

Wimbledon, the 20th for Djokovic

Novak Djokovic has opened the door of the exclusive ‘Club de los 20’ to sit at the top of world tennis with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. The world number 1 achieved his goal after winning his third consecutive Wimbledon, the sixth of his record and the twentieth Grand Slam of an extraordinary career in which he maintains the pulse for being the best in history with the Swiss and the Spanish.

The Serbian tennis player did it by defeating the Italian Matteo berrettini by 6-7 (4), 6-4, 6-4 and 6-3. A victory that allows him to add the third consecutive Grand Slam this season after winning the Australian Open and Roland Garros, previously. A victory that allows him to aspire to the big four in a season last achieved by the Australian Rod Laver (1969) and the icing on the cake that the ‘Golden Slam’ would mean, if he conquers gold in the Tokyo Games within a month.

Record hunger

“I will not stop”, he assured Djokovic when in the center they asked him about his 20 Grand Slam and the fact of equaling Federer Y Nadal. “They are the reason why I am here today on a path that began years ago”, recalling his first major in Australia in 2008. The world number 1 will add 329 weeks to the top of the ranking this Monday with 12,113 points and already showed his ambition to continue with his challenge with the history in buaca of the fourth Grand Slam in New York, next September. “At the moment I want to celebrate the success of today, so special for me, but the objective is to play and work to achieve it.”

Djokovic It seemed that he had faced the first set when after a tense start, with two double faults in the first game and a saved ‘break point’, he had placed himself with a 5-2 advantage and had a ‘set ball’ to close the game. sleeve without problems.

The world number 1 was in control without too much trouble before a Berrettini , who entered with a bulky bandage on his left thigh, did not seem in his best shape to face the final. But everything changed after the Serbian lost his chance. The Italian saved the game after almost 10 minutes of fighting and, in the next, thrown, also breaking the serve of Djokovic (5-4) to end up forcing the ‘tie break’.

‘Tie break’ for the Italian

Berrettini it was another. He played more daring, the injury did not seem to bother him and the tension trapped Djokovic. The Italian had already taken his hammer from the right for a walk and ended up pointing his sleeve with an ‘ace’ and after 72 minutes, before the explosion of the stands of the center that called for war.

Y Djokovic he was looking to enter history, he had to prove it about the central centenary. In the second heat, the five times champion of the tournament, shot out scoring four games in a row and returning to 5-2, as in the first set.

But again Berrettini put fear in his body to get closer to 5-4, although Djokovic He already had his lesson learned and did not fail on the next serve that was scored blank and equalized the score to one set.

Djokovic He broke again quickly in the third (2-1) and managed to maintain the advantage until he was able to raise his fist after scoring his sleeve. The number 1 straightened the situation.

Pulse with the public

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Public support with Berrettini he curled up Djokovic who raised his index finger, pointing out who was number 1. And he showed it on every play he could. with great shots, a spectacular run to a drop of the Italian, of 50 meters with which he avoided a 15-40 for the 4-2, which would have complicated the game more.

Djokovic increased its intensity a little more until Berrettini He will deliver a new ‘break’ (4-3), with a double fault. The Serb screamed defiantly for the first time. And the public celebrated by encouraging him. Djokovic He no longer released his prey and was looking for the great moment to achieve his challenge. He did it by breaking Berrettini’s serve and in the third ‘match ball’ after 3 hours and 27 minutes.


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