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“Wiñaypacha” by Óscar Catacora: the moving Peruvian film starring an old woman who had never seen a film

  • Lucia Blasco
  • HayFestivalArequipa @ BBCMundo

Wiñaypacha: Willka and Phaxsi

Image source, Aymara Studios Cinema


Rosa Nina (left) and Vicente Catacora (right) play Phaxsi and Willka in “Wiñaypacha”.

Oscar Catacora, director of the first Peruvian film in Aymara language “Wiñaypacha”, died Friday, November 26 At the age of 34, while filming another film in the highland region of Puno.

It was reported that he passed away from a “sudden health problem”.

In his honor, we remember the beautiful story that his film told, which, as he told us, talks about loneliness and abandonment.

In a corner of the Peruvian Andes, Willka and Phaxsi are the life that resists the cold and loneliness of the Altiplano. They are the vestige of an ancient culture and language in danger of extinction. The faces of the abandoned elderly who live longing for a visit.

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