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Wind storm welcomes «Lanzarote



Yesterday, Wednesday, the official training sessions for the final of the Sailing Champions League (European Sailing League) were scheduled in Porto Cervo, Italy. But the extreme sea and wind conditions forced the organizers of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda to suspend the day and the teams that traveled to Sardinia had to remain moored in port.

There are a total of 30 teams from 18 countries, which will participate in the event. The champions of the National Leagues attend the event, as well as the crews that managed to qualify in the two European semifinals in Kiel (Germany), last August and in Saint Petersburg (Russia) at the end of September. The Spanish representatives are the RCN of Valencia, champion of the Spanish Sailing League in 2020, and the “Lanzarote – Wacaf Air” of the RCN of Arrecife, which was runner-up in the national league and the brand new champion of the last semifinal played in waters Russian.

Despite the fact that the weather forecast for today continues to announce very strong winds, the organization has summoned all the participants at 12.00 in the skippers’ meeting with the intention of maintaining the planned program. But we will see if it will be possible to haggle or if the participants will be forced to wait another day for conditions to improve. The intention is to celebrate all the possible races from today Thursday to Sunday, and on the same Sunday the grand final will take place, which is only reserved for the 4 best classified from the previous days.

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Yesterday in Porto Cervo, the anemometer exceeded points of 50 knots of intensity, which made sailing impracticable
Yesterday in Porto Cervo, the anemometer exceeded points of 50 knots of intensity, which made sailing impracticable

As it happened last year, the boats chosen for this final of the Sailing Champions League are the well-known J70s. International class of great projection that has two solid fleets in Spain, one in Barcelona and the other in Vigo. In this competition there is no crew weight limit, and 4 or 5 crew members can sail in the case of teams with women or young people under 25 years of age. All members of each team must have the federative license issued by the same nautical club.

The Spanish teams come to the European event with great enthusiasm and desire to do a good job, although they are aware that “the level is very high and the rivals are not going to make it easy for us. There is the best of Europe, and even a team from Tasmania (Auustalia) ”, commented Nete Armas, skipper of the Canarian team“ Lanzarote – Wacaf Air ”

I remember the neighbors of La Palma

The sailors of the “Lanzarote – Wacaf Air” remembered their neighbors and friends from the island of La Palma and while they waited for the decision of the regatta committee to suspend training, they photographed themselves at the facilities of the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda with a white flag and blue that reminded the institution of La Palma with an endearing message of support “Lanzarote sails through La Palma”. Ricardo Terrades, trimmer of the Lanzarote team pointed “It was an idea that we came up with and we think that they could thank the palm trees in these difficult days for them. Some of us have family and friends on La Palma and we are aware of the damage that the volcano is causing ”.

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