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Window cleaning robot: these are the best you can buy

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Window cleaning robots are perfect for cleaning large windows or even hard-to-reach windows without any effort.

It was evident that after the robot vacuum cleaners, the technology industry would look for some other household product and give it its own twist. From there appeared window cleaning robotsevolutions of magnetic devices to clean crystals.

These robots are exactly what you expect of them. They are capable of cleaning crystals on their own. You just have to plug them in and they will automatically stay stuck by passing through the windows.

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They are very practical products when you have windows that are too big or you can’t get outside to clean them.

They’re safesince it is very difficult for them to come loose thanks to their powerful suction and they also have safety cables that are usually tied inside to prevent falls.

These are the best window cleaning robots that you can buy right now. Chosen taking into account their value for money and especially if they are as useful as they seem.

  1. Cecotec Conga WinDroid 880 SprayWater Connected
  2. Ikohs Create Wipebot
  3. AlphaBot X6
  4. Mamibot W120-T
  5. HUTT DDC55

Cecotec Conga WinDroid 880 SprayWater Connected

Cecotec Conga WinDroid 880 SprayWater Connected

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The teachers of naming in Cecotec they have pulled this Cecotec Conga WinDroid 880 SprayWater Connected. A robot vacuum cleaner with a very long cable that can also be connected to the mobile and controlled.

It is an intelligent robot in its own right since it is capable of calculating the route it must take and stopping at the limits of the window. It also has 4 cleaning programs, triple security system with power thanks to its 5.5 meter cable and security rope.

Right now it is for less than 140 euros on Amazon.

Ikohs Create Wipebot

Ikohs Create Wipebot

This Ikohs brand robot is capable of cleaning up to 1 m² of glass in just 4 minutes. Simply plug it in and it will stick to the glass for zigzag strokes.

It has a remote control to control the window cleaner if you want it to go to a specific point. It also has a 30-minute battery life to ensure that it stays stuck, although it is always advisable to use it with the power cable on (if possible).

This Create Wipebot comes with 12 mops that you can replace and wash for more use.

Its price is 199.95 euros on Amazon.

AlphaBot X6

AlphaBot X6

AlphaBot X6 It is a window cleaner with an intelligent navigation system and zigzag cleaning. It also has a remote control to control its speed or where you want it to clean.

It has 3 automatic cleaning modes, it works with a cable but it also has an internal battery to stick to the glass with an autonomy of between 20 to 25 minutes.

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It can clean 1 ㎡ of glass in about 4 minutes.

Its price is 179.99 euros on Amazon.

Mamibot W120-T

Mamibot W120-T

Mamibot W120-T It is an alternative to window cleaning robots connected with its own app. This robot also has a remote control to turn it on or control it manually.

It is capable of cleaning up to 1 m² in about 2.5 minutes, it has a battery to start sucking and stick to the window and it cleans in a pattern from Z to N, that is, in zigzag horizontally and vertically.

From its application you have all the controls that its remote control gives you, but it is very useful if you have located it or want to choose a specific cleaning mode.

Its current price is only 209 euros on Amazon.



HUTT DDC55 It is a compact and easy-to-use window cleaning robot. It is capable of cleaning all smooth surfaces it can attach to by suction.

It has a security system, remote control and it only requires you to wet its two mops and turn it on to start cleaning the windows.

It has a battery with an autonomy of between 20 to 30 minutes in case it loses power, in addition to a 5-meter rope to prevent it from falling into the street.

On Amazon, its official price is 299.99 euros, but we have found it with a discount or there is a discount coupon on its page so that it will be cheaper.

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