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Windows 11 22H2 ‘Sun Valley 2’: Here’s everything we know about the big annual system update

Since its release in October of last year, Windows 11 has received several improvements, including support for Android apps, new Media Player, new Notepad, and more. However, other news will come later this year. Microsoft is working on the first major update to your new operating system.

While Windows 10 and Windows 11 receive various updates throughout the year, including on “Patch Tuesdays,” once every twelve months they host a major overhaul focused on delivering new features. In the case of Microsoft’s latest OS this is known as 22H2 and is scheduled to arrive this year.

Towards a more coherent Windows 11

It’s no secret that Windows 11 came out with a lot of pending improvements. Some features of the new operating system seemed to be “copied and pasted” from Windows 10. Now it seems that with the 22H2 update, Microsoft will address many of these visual discrepancies to make the graphical interface more consistent. Let’s see what would be the news.

New Task Manager: The computer program that allows us to monitor our system resources and know what applications and processes are running has been running since Windows 8 without receiving any major changes. Now it could arrive with a new design that relocates the information tabs in a sidebar.

New Task Manager Windows 11

Small changes in the file explorerNote: Windows 11 only allows you to pin folders in the explorer sidebar. Soon it will also allow you to drag any type of file to the Quick Access section. File Explorer will also show available OneDrive storage in the top right of the windows.

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Start menu improvements: The start menu is one of the most radical changes that Windows 11 received, but it still has things to improve. Those of Redmond believe that the possibility of creating folders will help us to better organize our programs. It is a possibility very similar to the one we already have on our mobile phones.

Drag and drop on the taskbarNote: Windows 11 also lost features, and one of them was the ability to drag and drop files or programs to the taskbar. Microsoft would have listened to user feedback and the 22H2 update would bring back this feature that was present from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

In terms of design elements and built-in apps, it’s also likely that Windows 11 will receive a new “Sustainability” section, window snapping changes, new touch gestures, real-time subtitles, the return of tablet mode, and a new volume indicator (which will replace the existing one from 2012).

Security enhancements and more

But not everything in Windows 11 22H2 would bring back requested features and design tweaks. With this update would come a new security tool called “Smart App Control“. Its mission, as we have seen in build 22567, is to block “potentially unwanted” applications.

Windows 11 App Control

It is not a completely separate security feature. In fact, it will work together with Microsoft Defender to, as Microsoft promises, increase system security by verifying if applications have a valid developer signature. In case of not having one, the application will be marked as “untrusted”.

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In addition to the aforementioned features, Windows 11 is expected to receive other important adjustments “under the hood”, which seek improve performance and overall system experience. At the moment the system is installed on almost 20% of computers, which means multiple different hardware configurations on which it must work.

Update name and release date

We know that Microsoft has identified its next feature update as “22H2. This gives us clues about its possible arrival. “22” refers to the year and “H2” to the second half of the year. The margin is wide, but with the confirmation of the version name, everything seems to indicate that the development is advanced, so could come sometime in the summer.

As for the name, the update has been known as “Sun Valley 2”, but that’s unlikely to be its release name. Those of Microsoft could choose a denomination with the month in which Windows 11 22H2 will be released, but to know if it really will be so, we just have to wait for it to be publicly available.

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