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Windows 11 will ask for our credit card information because this is the era of subscription services

Microsoft continues to make constant changes to Windows 11—some more controversial than others—and the latest preview build has some striking new features. Among them, the one that will make Microsoft ask us more prominently for our credit card information.

Microsoft’s idea is that users can access their subscription services — like Microsoft 365 — now that those options are more and more present in your operating system. The new section of the Windows 11 configuration panel will allow you to manage this payment and subscription information directly, but it does not clarify if this data will be requested even without using your subscription services.

A way to facilitate purchases in the Microsoft ecosystem

Among the novelties of this latest compilation, the so-called Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22567, highlights that information management of our subscriptions and our credit card.

It is not something entirely strange considering that in recent weeks Microsoft has already included a new section in the Settings of Windows 11 called “your Microsoft account”.

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From that section it will be possible to manage subscriptions and purchases of applications, and now there will also be a special section in which we will be allowed to manage the credit card that we use to pay for purchases in the Microsoft Store or on our Xbox console, but also subscriptions to services from those in Redmond, such as Microsoft 365.

Our PC thus becomes a more direct way to make purchases —at least, at Microsoft— and this proposal adapts an old idea from e-commerce platforms like Amazonwhich also have those credit card details to make the purchase process easier.

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We understand that this is the intention of Microsoft, but in the official announcement it is not clear if that information of the card will be requested whether we use those services or not. Apple asks for this information when creating an Apple ID —its own support website indicates so—, although there are methods that allow us to avoid this step if we are not going to make purchases, for example, in the App Store.

More news to come

That new preview version of Windows 11 also brings other improvements. One of the most curious is an option in Windows Update that will allow us apply updates when renewable energy supply is high —data is consulted through electricityMap or WattTime—, which will reduce the environmental impact of this increased data transfer and installation activity.


In this version we also have one more option to connect our Android mobile to the Your Telephone application: we can scan a QR code that will appear on the screen to make the process easier.

More disturbing is the call Smart App Control (SAC), a security system which according to Microsoft “blocks untrusted or potentially dangerous applications”. There aren’t many more details about which apps do or don’t fall into that classification, which could cause us to have problems with that theoretical automatic detection of valid applications.

That yes: the characteristic of the moment it’s experimental, and at Microsoft they affirm that they will study its behavior and disconnect it if they detect that the remedy ends up being worse than the disease. Both in this case and in the rest – including credit card data management – ​​we are talking about preliminary versions of Windows 11: whether or not these options end up reaching our systems is not guaranteed.

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