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Wing Foil opens its exclusive circuit in El Arenal




The Vivida Wing Foil Spain Series opens tomorrow and the day after at El Arenal de Mallorca. In 2021 they take their own name with a four-stop circuit in an event that brings the public closer to this new modality, promoting their learning, competition and the Wing Foil community in Spain. It is the first circuit that is exclusively for Wing Foil sailors without mixing with other specialties.

The first season of the circuit of this emerging specialty of foil arrives with three more dates that will complete the calendar. After the first regatta in Mallorca, the circuit will be at the Dénia Kitesurf Club on the first weekend of September. Two weeks later the action moves to El Perelló with the collaboration of La Mar de Bien Club Surf and will end on October 15 and 16 with the return of the specialty to Formentera by the Club Vela Formentera.

Assured success

In Mallorca, success is assured by having the backing of CN El Arenal. The competition will take place on Saturday and Sunday on the beach of Es Caló de Sant Antoni, which is attached to the south of the club. The participation of a score of local sailors as well as others from the peninsula is expected. The intention of the Race Committee led by the Majorcan Alex Durán is to be able to carry out up to eight tests.

For the public, it is an excellent opportunity to see first-hand this brand new nautical competition. Wing Foil is a very young specialty but it is having a very important push in licenses and in the purchase of material. Therefore, people who come to Es Caló beach will be able to follow the events live. The awards ceremony is also scheduled for Sunday.

The first Wing Foil circuit in Spain was born with the guarantee of success by having the same organizational team as the Formula Kite Spain Series, the winning championship of the best tourism and sport event of 2021 in Emprén Esport and which has already become a international landmark event. Sports and Leisure as the common thread of a nautical experience that visits some of the best holiday destinations in Spain, where music and gastronomy with a ‘Beach Style’ personality will not be lacking.

Exclusive event

In 2020 the Wing Foils already had their space in the regattas of the Formula Kite Spain Series of Formentera and Tarifa. After those two successful first experiences and in view of the unstoppable growth that the specialty is experiencing, Sergio W. Smit, director of both circuits, decided to do a ‘spin off’ and give it a specific platform for Wing sailors. “For us it is very important to know what the sailors want. And the need to create a Wing circuit was something we could not escape. Everything that is done is thought exclusively about your needs and your enjoyment, so we are facing a unique event and with unique protagonists such as the Wing sailors. We think that this calendar of four regattas will satisfy participants who are already looking for exclusive competitions and those who, after having started in the specialty, will compete for the first time in the Vivida WFSS. We like to listen to athletes and we believe that this new adventure meets all their expectations ”.

“We are using the word festival to talk about this event because we want to involve many people in each regatta. We want the most consolidated sailors to come, those who are just starting out and we will support them with a firm commitment to training, but we also want both friends and family to come with activities for the little ones “, says Smit ending: “The fact of starting in S’Arenal is not a coincidence. It is an impressive club, with a team of first-rate professionals, so it gives us excellent coverage and guarantees that everything will go well ”.

Emerging sport

Ferrán Muniesa, manager of the active CN S’Arenal, explains his club’s reasons for joining Vivida WFSS in the first regatta of the season: “I believe that yacht clubs should support any new way of sailing, especially when it comes to something as close to the people as this discipline is. The Wing is hitting hard because it is very easy to transport, purchase and assemble and we want to invite everyone to come and see it this weekend. We are delighted to support it and, although it is a discipline that is yet to be discovered in its technical complexity, what is clear is that it is part of the sail and must be supported. The Kite is no longer the latest novelty and now the Wing has come and you have to be there. We as a club have always liked new things. We are comfortable in the role of pioneers. Some will think that this is not sailing, but the same was said about the Kite a few years ago. The good thing about the sport of sailing is that it covers a large number of disciplines and what you have to do is open up to all of them ”.

For her part, Jacqueline Tyburski, Vivida’s general director of communication, explains: “We are incredibly proud to support the new and emerging sport of Wing Foil through the sponsorship of the Wing Foil Spain Series 2021 and already this week with the Mallorca event. This fast-growing discipline is exciting for many reasons: the accessibility, the simplicity of the equipment, the innovation, and the talented athletes that are emerging. This regatta is an excellent opportunity to show and grow Wing Foil in Spain and in other countries. Vivida hopes to continually support activities and organizations that empower adventurers, dreamers, thinkers … A global community of people who pursue what they love, and do it through wind, water … “

Support from the WSPF Foundation

WFSS 2021 join the Water Sports Plastic Free Foundation to achieve a 100% sustainable event. The FWSPF will audit all the activities carried out at the four locations in order to strongly monitor responsible environmental practices. Throughout the four stops, the WFSS will carry out all their online procedures (registration, event office, etc.) to avoid the use of paper and will work to minimize the generation of waste as much as possible.

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