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Winning Defensively – Information

Developing it does not require specially gifted footballers, it is enough that they understand what they are told, execute it and maintain their physical form. For the other, to work on variables as random as talent, individual quality, improvisation, decision-making on the fly, in action, for that you need, among other things, time, something that a coach does not have. , cornered by the urgency of the results.


The owners claim that they have injected again into the Hercules.

Most of it aimed at creating a project capable of returning to professional football, where television rights lighten the investment burden. But of course, a very high percentage has been dedicated to chips of players with superior abilities, above the league average, footballers who can, and should, make a difference. Harnessing their potential depends a lot on the number of times they are in contact with the ball.

If you spend more time over their heads than brushing against their boots, it is difficult to get some juice out of them because they are good, yes, but they are not stars that earn astronomical salaries of those that almost force them to turn into danger every ball they receive.

In Second B, for your quality to prevail, you will have to take risks, expose, be ambitious, three qualities that very few coaches want to hear about … even in the elite. A concept that tries to limit the uncertainty when it comes to justifying the why of things has become fashionable: micro-matches.

They are responsible for the fact that every day that other of “maturing the result” is more widespread, which, said less metaphysically, is to wait for your opportunity to come crouched, without exposing because always, by the logic of the game, you are going to have at your disposal at minus one. And that one is the one they reserve for the one who charges the most. But of course, that science is not exact, in reality it has a lot of dark areas because even by spending all the money in the world on the best you are going to make sure that they convert the one that reaches them into a goal. In fact, Hercules, in four games, has already happened twice.


But more chances in favor and much less against.

So far, David Cubillo has not been obsessed with possession in the least. With his lackluster style for objective observers he has been able to transform three goals into eight points and has only conceded one in 360 minutes. It is easier to argue with the ball than the results. But of course, to achieve a goal as difficult as the one pursued by the club that pays him and the sports director who put together a team well above the category average, he needs to be strong in both areas, not only in yours.

You need to attack, carry the weight of the game (or, if you prefer, three or four mini-parties) so that bending the rival does not cost so much or depend on good or bad fortune. Gathering Moyita, Borja, Jesús Alfaro and David Sánchez from midfield upwards is something that can only be done by those who scratch their pockets more than others. And that’s only in one line, the one of creation, the one that adds, the one that defends with the ball. Wasting it with balls and kicks is a bad sign.

Winning on defense is possible, some teams have done it at the highest level, but it takes such a degree of effectiveness and such a dose of luck that it seems strange that this could happen in a category so full of irregular fields, bad days and low chips like Second B. To be a rock team you don’t need to invest as much capital.


Only two on the last day, and he got a pivot for a playmaker.

The coach said that in order not to change things, that he liked what he was seeing. He took out of the equation the best of the crash, David Sánchez, to enter Armando, a containment midfielder. He did it five minutes before Mourad’s expulsion, that is, he accepted the point. It has happened to him twice, both away from home … The second change (he can make up to five this season) was forward to forward: Manu for Buenacasa. By then, the team had already physically fallen, a risk that Cubillo, irony, does not contemplate, a matter of priorities.

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