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Wisconsin will receive support from the National Guard against possible riots when the verdict of Kyle Rittenhouse is known

Rittenhouse pleaded not guilty to all charges brought against him.

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As the trial against Kyle Rittenhouse reaches its final phase, waiting for the verdict raises expectations, so many that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, authorized 500 members of the National Guard service to support local authorities against possible disturbances in the state.

“We remain in close contact with our colleagues at the local level to ensure that the state provides support and resources to help keep the Kenosha community and the wider area safe,” Governor Evers announced in a statement on 12 December. November.

It is expected that final arguments of the trial begin on November 15, and next week the final verdict of the case could be known, informó The Independent.

Kenosha, whose population is less than 200,000 people, is described by Evers as a strong, resilient city that has held together in difficult times, but is still in the process of healing from what happened by Rittenhouse and the demonstrations of all kinds. that shook 2020.

Evers further urged people outside the city to respect the community and avoid traveling to Kenosha., calling on would-be protesters to exercise their First Amendment rights, but safely and peacefully.

Meanwhile, Paul Knapp, assistant general of Wisconsin, noted that the National Guard has assembled 500 service members in order to keep the Kenosha community safe. in case a request comes in from the city to provide support.

A statement on verdict preparation from the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department said Thursday that the agency and the Kenosha Police Department have been monitoring the trial.

“We recognize that some diverse options and feelings revolve around judgment that can cause concern. Both departments have dedicated staff that work closely with fellow federal, state and local law enforcement to ensure the safety of our communities, ”the statement said.

Rittenhouse, 17 at the time of the events, claimed that he traveled to Kenosha with the intention of providing medical assistance and defending businesses during the riots over the Jacob Blake police shooting. During those protests he killed two men and wounded one with his AR-15 rifle.

Following these events, he was charged with five felonies, including prudential murder, first degree murder, attempted murder, two counts of recklessly endangering security, all in the first degree. In addition, He was charged with possession of a dangerous weapon when he was under 18 years of age, of which he pleaded not guilty in all of them.

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