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Witchcraft ‘online’: a business in explosion and out of control

Knowing in advance the designs of destiny is part of the most primitive drives of the human being. So it was in the caves and in the Ancient Rome, and so it continues to be in this technological and monitored 21st century in which no digital forecasting model knew how to anticipate the pandemic that was upon us as much as we all would have been grateful to know it.

Today leaders do not make decisions after unraveling the omens that hide the bird bellies as the Caesars did, but the curiosity to know what the future holds for us and the temptation to manipulate that prophecy in our favor, even with the help of a spellcontinues to rank among the most basic motivations for human behavior.

It also continues to be the engine that drives a lucrative business, that of diviners, mediums and shamans, which has been able to adapt to the new times to satisfy the demand for certainties and magic that beats in the population. Today the sorcerers of the tribe do not minister in remote caves, but they do it through the mobile, and they do not need to whisper their spells in the ear, but it is enough for them to emit them by Whatsapp, SMS or video call. Nor do they need to appear in the ad sections of newspapers to make themselves known as they did in the past, since social networks and searchers of internet They are already in charge of supplying them with plenty of clientele.


The network is currently the main base of operations for witchcraft. Is he head office of those who yearn to know what will happen to their lives tomorrow or intend to achieve their goals with the help of the occult, and also the ideal showcase to provide these types of services without limits or control. In fact, the web is flooded with pages and platforms of seers, tarot readers and sorcerers of various kinds who promise to solve any concern that may assail an individual and satisfy all their needs.

‘The Internet is a drain for cybercriminals and scammers who harm both tarot consultants and professionals” (Carmen Romero, from Suerteya)


And beyond them. From astrology to cartomancy and from numerology to clairvoyance, the menu of esoteric techniques and solutions that is sold today in the network serves both to predict the future and to remove the evil eye, find work, get sales to skyrocket or recover the rejected partner, always after paying for the consultation through Paypal, Bizum, bank transfer or call to a special rate phone.

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Heir to the ‘television’ channels that reached their zenith after the arrival of DTT, online witchcraft is currently a thriving industry that has triggered the offer of esoteric services to extremes never seen before and has managed to bring it closer to the population to the point of sneaking it into the mobile phone that we carry in our pocket.

Cybercriminals and scammers

Esoteric specialists coexist in this diverse ecosystem of all types and conditions, and not everyone acknowledges feeling comfortable with the attention that is sometimes given to users on this type of digital platform. “The Internet has saved a sector that had no continuity solution with the previous format, but it has also been a drain for cybercriminals and fraudsters who harm both consultants and professionals,” he says. Carmen Romero, responsible for external relations tarot readers portal Good luck, who points out the situations of bank data theft, exorbitant charges and interference from fake professionals that sometimes occur under the difficult control of online businesses. “The professional tarot reader is vocational and has ethics and morals, his mission is to help the person who consults, not cheat him, but those bad practices end up generating distrust towards everyone,” he acknowledges.

“We have identified 2,000 web pages that are dedicated to deceiving people by offering them false magic and clairvoyance services” (Alberto Mondragón, from Denuncioestafa)


Beyond the doubts or the faith that awakens the esoteric, the misgivings towards that world they are fed by stories like the fortune teller Pepita Vilallonga, a regular on the ‘television’ channels who has just been sentenced by the Barcelona Court to two and a half years in prison for having defrauded a client, whom she extorted for several months taking advantage of her emotional fragility. Wave of the mother and daughter of Benicarló (Castellón) who were arrested last spring after forcing a Barcelona resident to pay them 52,000 euros for cartomancy services and advice to cast spells. They contacted her on an 806 telephone line, where they pretended to be tarot readers.

witch scams

“But then there are the cases that are not published and those that do not even reach the court due to the shame that the victims feel to know that they have been scammed by a middling witch,” he warns. Alberto Mondragon, portal drive report scam, where he echoes the fraud suffered by users of all kinds of services, among which online occultism constitutes an inexhaustible source of blushing stories.

“The problem is not to believe in esotericism, but rather that the person is unable to make a decision without first consulting their shaman,” says psychologist Miguel Perlado


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“We have identified 2,000 web pages that are dedicated to deceiving people by offering them false magic and clairvoyance services,” says the expert, who adds: “The serious thing is not that, but cases like those of Rocío and Jesus, a couple from Seville who contacted me after spending 70,000 euros on a clairvoyant from Conil, in Cádiz, and they even moved to live in her house so that she would perform daily rituals for them. Or the one from Mary, a teacher from Madrid who ended up dedicating herself to prostitution to pay for the services of Maestro Ignacio, a sorcerer who had made her a love spell so that she would recover an old boyfriend. That riffraff takes advantage of people’s weakness.”

Relationship with the shaman

The Mondragón website does not collect the testimonies of those who went to an online fortune teller or sorcerer and they did find guidance or comfort in what they were told. “The tarot helps a lot of people, that’s a fact. Sometimes even the police come to us to solve their cases”, recalls Carmen Romero. The watershed of this debate, according to the psychologist Michael Pearl, is situated in the relationship that the user maintains with his shaman. “Believing in esotericism is not a problem. Go to a seer on time, either. We have the problem when the person is unable to make a decision without first consulting with their shaman. When there is dependency and addiction, there is danger, and it is easier for these situations to arise in times of crisis like the current one, in which people are emotionally more fragile and, furthermore, have access to those services that are so widely available. hand”, explains the coordinator of the sectarian aberrations working group of the Official College of Psychology of Catalonia.

“My bosses asked me to tell them something intriguing when they hung up to encourage them to call the next day,” explains a tarot reader.


The question is whether or not online witchcraft, as designed, encourages such dependency. Macarena Herrera is a professional tarot reader who attends in person at her house in Gavá (Barcelona), located in the middle of the forest, although she also offers consultations by video call. Before “fleeing to the mountain”, he worked in Barcelona for several ‘television’ channels and esoteric companies. She says that she left that life due to the stress to which she was subjected, but her vision was also influenced by her decision. “industrial, oriented solely to make money” that they had in those companies about their work.

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engage the customer

“They were only concerned that I be with the consultants as long as possible to bill more minutes. They asked me to tell them something intriguing when they hung up and so on. encourage them to call the next day. For me, the tarot is a service that helps people, but there they only wanted us to hook the client by taking advantage of their spiritual ignorance”, he says about a work experience that he had for several years because he was young and needed money, but in which he never he was happy. “It is not comfortable to know that the same businessman who hired me, at the same time exploited several web pages dedicated to online gaming and porn. Everything was the same, it was about living off the addiction and the weakness of the people”, he points out.

“The same businessman who hired me exploited several online gambling and porn websites at the same time,” explains a tarot reader


It’s impossible to know how many seers and shamans there are currently practicing in Spain, since this work does not appear under any professional heading nor is there any record of workers or businessmen dedicated to witchcraft. Only the General Law of Audiovisual Communication identifies as “leisure services” those offered by the ‘television’ channels. “But that is a deception by definition, because whoever calls those phone numbers does not do it for leisure, but is in a hurry and is looking for help,” he distinguishes. Ruben Sanchez, spokesperson for the consumer association Facua. In his opinion, this activity takes place in a diffuse territory outside the margins of legality. “At a minimum, their advertising should be restricted,” he proposes.

In 2017, the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) fined the channel 270,000 euros TarotVision for broadcasting during times of special protection for minors. Although their presence on DTT is not as massive as in the past, today there are still local stations offering tarot readings 24 hours a day. But you don’t need to turn on the TV to see them: on your web pages the same broadcast can be followed outside the control of the CNMC or any public body. It is not by chance: knowing the future is still a drive that moves a lot of money.

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