Sunday, October 2

“With a good streak we will leave the places of rapid descent”

Given the situation in the table, the midfielder understands that “when you don’t get the results you look at everything a little more with a magnifying glass, but we are focused on what we are doing, working day by day training and getting to know each other more footballingly. We are taking a step forward at the level of the game. There are still many players that we did not know each other and as the games and training sessions go by, we are improving this rapport between all of us and everything is going to get better, for sure ».

Gumbau defines the current Elche as “a team that competes a lot.” The problem has been that “the results are not being positive but we are competing and in matches we always have a chance to win. These are details that in the Primera harm you a lot, but the team trusts and believes in the work, in what is being done and I’m sure we will go further because there is a high quality squad and players to get out of there », from the relegation places . He is optimistic: “Since everything is so even with a good run, we will come out of the relegation places quickly.”

The team held a brotherhood meal on Wednesday that “always comes in handy to cheer up the spirits and bring much more together. Getting to know you outside of football, talking about other topics … It is important to get together more, to get to know your teammates on a personal level and it always comes in handy and charges us with energy ».

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Already thinking about the next game, against Betis, Gumbau emphasizes that «they are a tough opponent, in Europa League positions, with a great squad, like all First Division teams, who make it difficult for you, as we will do against Betis , playing at home which is where we have to be strongest ».

Regarding the season, the midfielder emphasizes that “we started well against high-level teams and in this section the details have marked the games a lot after beating Celta. The defeats have been by the minimum. And between the victory and the defeat it has been for very small details that we have to polish ».

The coach «I see very calm. He knows that he has a great group of people, a team that works very well in training. We know that we have the equipment to avoid being in decline and we will improve ».

The franjiverde understands, about the goal, that “everyone within the team is working at a spectacular level and is ready for an opportunity. Badia had it and he deserved it; I saw him very well, very confident and I am very happy for him because we are very friends ».

Regarding his participation, he acknowledges that «I always like to play more, I am very demanding. Having that internal competition with your teammates is good to give everything in training and later in games. I have not yet reached the ceiling, I can contribute much more. My goal is to keep working to keep growing day by day to be able to show that I can be in all the games », concludes the defensive midfielder.

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Gumbau is optimistic because “lately we have seen a lot more of the team trying to get the ball, be a protagonist, do damage from the outside. We are improving even though it is not reflected in the results ».

In Elche, «I am incredible, very comfortable in this city. In addition, this is a humble and hardworking club that wants to grow in Primera and I think it has all the qualities and capabilities to continue growing together. And surely everything is going to go up ».

On the objective: “The intention is to try to save as soon as possible and then be calmer, and enjoy all but we know that all games are complicated and to get out of there you have to improve collectively and individually,” explains the player.

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