Sunday, June 26

With Appin and Moyita you hardly get lost

Fundamental types, of those that you always miss when you can not count on them. Kevin Appin Y Sergio Moyita they form a capital tandem, an indispensable pair. Together they make up a duo of maximum guarantee in the center of the field. The absence of one of the two, or both at the same time, always has consequences and they are rarely bearable.

Mathematics, with its stubborn blowout, yields a revealing fact. The Hercules he has lost eight games this season. In six of them, one of the two was missing. When, due to injury or sanction, they have been left out of the list, the team Manolo Diaz it has been more bad than good. In five of those eight trips he was absent Moyita and in one, the one in the “final” against Cornellà on Saturday, who did not dress short was the young midfielder from Marseille, with discomfort in the hamstring.

But the statistic can still be twisted further. The Blue and Whites have only obtained one victory in which neither of them was on the pitch. It was on the ungovernable rubber carpet of the field next to the Espanyol stadium and it took Pedro Sánchez to score an Olympic goal and a half to win.

In the other eight duels in which the Blue and White team has emerged victorious, the incontestable circumstance has arisen that they have formed a starting duo in six. The pairing is overwhelming. Taken to the points category, it can be said that the 62% of those accumulated by Manolo Díaz’s team at this stage of the championship have participated, that is, in 21 of the 34 that Hercules has in the classification, the two footballers, who this season have shared ownership eleven times with a very favorable balance: six wins, three draws and only two trips, against Ibiza and Lleida, at home.

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Kévin Appin seeks to filter a pass with the outside of the foot.

The Hercules needs the conjunction of Appin and Moyita. The best minutes of football that Hercules has exhibited this year have had them in the engine room, the most recent, in front of Llagostera. The French midfielder, with his physical strength and tactical foundations, unleashes the creativity of the Sevillian “ten”, either so that he can generate play for others, or to fabricate his own dangerous actions.

Moyita has marked this course twice. He saw the door in front of the Mestalla (1-1) and closed the exuberant staging of the magical afternoon of Llagostera. The two at the Rico Pérez, both with Appin performing in the match. Nothing is casual, and less in football.

One of the problems that have hampered the Carmelo del Pozo project has been the impossibility of continuing the most productive synergies. The injuries, exacerbated by the scant medical investment made by the property and the lack of a training ground at the level of the objective that the entity has been pursuing for eight years, have prevented Manolo Díaz from reaching the final stage with his best men on the road. healthy, 100%. Not even Falcón has been spared. Now they are Raúl Ruiz, Tano and Appin himself, but before many Acuña, Erice, Armando or Moisés games were left without playing, who signed as fundamental pieces of the project and have hardly contributed, especially the first two.

Medical tests

Yesterday afternoon, the doctor made the weekly consultation to the staff. He only does one because his service is not hired more times. Raúl and Appin’s annoyances, although they are subsiding, still persist and it would be very risky to put them to play tomorrow. The technician would risk losing a change window and having to redesign the system on the fly, losing the value of what was worked on. Tano, the one who is better, could start on the right side.

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