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“With Gavi you have to move fast to renew him, but now”

Barça has emergencies in the field, needs as it is of points to rise to the head, has emergencies in the locker room to release chips and be able to incorporate reinforcements and has emergencies in the offices to shield the young people who have become indispensable for the game. team. They are the cases of Nico and Gavi, already consolidated, and it could be the case of Ferran Jutglà the last debutante who lit up his career in the Barça first team with a goal. The three were the authors of the triumph over Elche.

“” With Gavi you have to move quickly to renew him, but now, “said Xavi Hernández, aware that the Andalusian footballer is a bicoca for any club. Barça began negotiations a couple of months ago to extend his contract when he broke into the first , and the uncertainty surrounding Ronald Koeman paralyzed them. Xavi’s arrival has not meant an obstacle to the ascending career of the Andalusian midfielder, who even debuted in the Spanish senior team. On the contrary. Xavi has strengthened his figure due to the style of play that he wants to return to Barça.

“If necessary, we will put money together because he, like Nico and other young people, are the future of the club,” joked the coach, urging at the same time that Mateu Alemany, the sports director, return to sit at the table with Iván de La Peña, Gavi’s agent. “We cannot lose these types of players, such as Ansu, Pedri, Araujo, Abde … I understand that the club is working on this issue,” added the coach.

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All renovated, except Gavi

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The problem is precisely Gavi. Because he is the only one who has not renewed the contract. The renewal of Ansu Fati was presented with great fanfare with an act in the Auditori, a few after he formalized Pedri’s continuity, the great revelation of last year for the accumulation of individual awards it obtained. Nico’s was shielded in May for three more seasons. Abde, on the other hand, signed on August 31. If he continues in the dynamics of the first team, his contract may be revised.

But the priority is Gavi, whose price has soared. Barça wants to tackle the progressive increase in the cost of its file, which will be exponential as it attracts more attention from other clubs. The difficulty is that, in the case of a minor, the legislation only allows a contract for a maximum of three seasons. Gavi does not turn 18 until August 5, 2022.

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