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With hands and feet: Gerónimo Rulli gave Villareal the first UEFA Europa League (Video)

Rulli emerged as the hero of the night in Poland.

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Gerónimo Rulli is the hero of Villareal: the Argentine goalkeeper defined the penalty shoot-out that allowed the “yellow submarine” win your first UEFA Europa League title. After a definition that maintained perfection for 21 penalties, Rulli saved De Gea the ball of glory… not without before also respond from the penalty spot with an excellent definition unfit for an archer. Pure history.

All the outfield players complied, none failed. One after another they were scoring penalties as if nothing was at stake. The archers were deceived almost in all charges. The perfection was such that the Europa League trophy had to be decided with the goalkeepers at their best.

Rulli: Submarine Hero

First the hero, Gerónimo Rulli, charged. The 29-year-old Argentine kicked a right hand that did not correspond to the drive he had taken, or so it seemed. It fulminated De Gea that he never had any option to stop. A missile that augured the best for Villareal. Rulli took the pressure off and passed it all to his rival.

De Gea was the opposite face. The villain of your team. He was not close to stopping any of the 11 penalties that Villareal took. And unfortunately he also had to pay dearly for being forced to kick.

With everything against it, the most logical thing happened: the Spanish kicked to the right, like his partner in position, but without much positioning or strength. He tried to ensure that the auction was between the three suits. So in the face of the success in the location of his rival, it was impossible that he was not stopped.

It was easy for Rulli, who had already touched two balls that could easily become saves throughout the series. This time he would not miss the opportunity to make history.

Villareal won their first Europa League in history, probably in the best definition that the competition has had since it was disputed. It is an unforgettable penalty shootout. It is said simple, but 21 consecutive successful penalties they speak of the character of two teams that refused to give up.

Those coached by Unai Emery will play the next edition of the UEFA Champions League, as well as the UEFA Super Cup. Sports and economic awards that put the icing on the cake to a season at the level of the greatest in football.

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