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With the Local Plan of Waste Villena improves the residential and commercial selective collection

Information stand on the

Information stand on the “Door to Door” system for selective garbage collection.

The Villena City Council has launched the new Local Waste Plan (PLR) you intend improve separate collection rates waste and progress in new care systems such as the “Door to door” that is already being developed in an experimental way in some areas of the municipal term.

The PLR, which is valid for five years, addresses as a goal achieve 60% recovery and recycling rate by 2030 as established by EU regulations. The results are encouraging since the work of the Department of Sustainable Urban Services is meeting goals. In 2020, the collection of paper and cardboard, as well as that of light packaging, grew compared to the previous year.

One of the projects is increase the «Door to Door» service (PAP) waste collection household. Villena, as a municipality attached to the Association of Valencian Municipalities for Door-to-Door collection and Quality recycling, has already begun to implement it. After the drafting of the Local Waste Plan, the PAP collection is established in those neighborhoods or areas where the single-family house or multi-family house on the ground floor, plus a height.

The first deputy mayor and councilor for Sustainable Urban Services, Francisco Iniesta, raised the need to continue in this line of growth with the guidelines introduced by the Local Waste Plan 2021-2025. «A basic text that collects the most up-to-date European regulations, its goals for each period, the Comprehensive Waste Plan of the Valencian Community and, above all, citizen participation both in the work prior to its drafting and during the time of public exposure that was opened before being ratified by the town hall», Iniesta commented.

The mayor of Cleaning and RSU, Francisco Iniesta, in one of the information tents on the “Door to Door”.

One of the fundamental objectives contained in the PLR ​​document is to improvement of selective collection at home and its treatment. Among its axes is the development of a long-term strategy for the progressive implementation of selective household collection, as well as the identification of the different management systems and home collection that are adapted to the reality of each space and urban territory of the municipal term of Villena.

This includes the implementation of differentiated collections for different fractions for citizenship (urban and rural), all this with a horizon of improvement in the collection rates. Similar lines should be applied in the improvement of solid waste collection in the commercial areas such as industrial estates.

For the Plan it abounds in waste reduction policies. This makes it necessary to introduce among its strategic objectives a Waste Prevention program. In this sense, it is proposed to work to avoid the consumption of products that generate residues that are difficult to reintroduce into production cycles and that have detrimental effects on the environment or people. It is essential to promote and reactivate the possibilities of reuse, repair, second-hand and exchange, encourage recycling of FORM at source (self-composting or community composting) and fight against food waste.

The document also recommends the implementation of a Communication and Environmental Education Plan, that consolidates more responsible behaviors among citizens.

Good results in 2020

Containers by colors for the selection of household waste.

After the subrogation of the MSW and Street Cleaning service in October 2017, the collection of paper and cardboard has increased by 110%, collecting a total of 604 tons in 2020, when the total collected in 2017 was 289 tons. Refering to separate collection of containers, has been increased by 72% collecting this past year about 343 tons. With the previous data, it is estimated that Villena separated 10 kilos per inhabitant per year, when the average of the Valencian Community is 12.30 according to data from Ecombes. Regarding collection of paper and paperboard Villena achieved a ratio of 17.7 kg / person year, higher than the Community average, which is 14.7 kg / person per year.

In 2020, the selective collection of paper and cardboard increased by 6.16% compared to the previous year; while in the case of light packaging reached 20.19%Despite the pandemic situation that the city has suffered with the closure of activities such as commerce and restaurants, large generators of this type of waste.

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