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«With the whistles you have to be a little crazy to avoid looping»



While the media wait for their interviews next to the jaimas installed in one of the training fields, figures of four internationals appear in the distance on those electric scooters so fashionable today. It is the motorized resource that they use to move around the base camp of Spain in Las Rozas. “It has given us happiness here,” explains Ferran Torres with a smile as he begins his appointment with ABC. The winger, who starts against Sweden, claims to be looking forward to the second duel due to the bittersweet taste left by that debut and asks the fans for patience. He is convinced that the goals will come.

Was there a slump in the locker room after the draw against Sweden?

No. It is clear that we wanted to achieve the victory and we made merits. The team played a very good game and in the statistics it was seen with the possession, the chances … But in the end the icing on the cake is always missing, which is the goal, but it will come.

That will come is something abstract and disturbing, more in a short tournament like the Eurocup. Do you share the feeling that Spain is missing a goal?

Well … In the end, it’s part of football, sometimes it comes in and sometimes it doesn’t. But I think it’s going to come in soon. And the striker does not have to always score, we can do it any of the team.

Inks were loaded onto Morata after his ruling. How is he?

We have encouraged him a lot. It’s a tough situation for him, but he doesn’t have to score all the goals. We all had chances and we didn’t get them. You have to keep working. When you don’t score, everyone criticizes you; When you score, you are the best.

“The goal is a matter for the whole team, it is not only the striker who has to score. I think it will come soon »

But does it look good?

Yes, he is strong in the head, he is a top player and he will show it as he has done before.

You have six goals for Spain in 12 games, numbers that show that you get along well with the goal.

Yes. I have made a great change in front of the goal, but I have to work more. I am 21 years old and I can continue to improve a lot, but I do have that aim. The goal is also from the wingers, from the midfielders, from the centrals …

Can the goal be worked?

Obviously you have to have something inside, but everything works in the world of football. The attack, the defense, one on one …

The striker lives off the streaks, they are part of the day to day.

Yes. More than streaks, it’s confidence. When you see that they enter you … in the end it seems that you fall. You have to have that nose and there are many on this team who have it.

What is it like to play with the boo of your own hobby?

When you are in the field you have to evade what you hear outside. Soccer is very complicated when things don’t work out. You have to be mentally strong and play your game, if you get infected you can only decline.

Can you hear the whistles in the field?

Yes, you hear everything. But, I said, you have to play a little crazy because if you do not enter a loop and it seems there is no way out.

Is it talked about?

We haven’t talked much internally because I don’t think those whistles have been deserved. The team has played very well and the icing on the cake was missing, but we made merits and we are working well. In the end that makes us stronger to know what we want, which is to win this European Championship.

With Luis Enrique he always plays.

It has given me a lot of confidence from day one. It is true that if you do not take advantage of it, the trains pass. There is a lot of competition, but the coach has always given me the opportunity. Even when I wasn’t playing much he kept calling me and playing, I can only have words of thanks.

What grade do you get in the game against Sweden?

I was left with a bittersweet taste. We had the ball, but for one winger it was difficult because there were no spaces, you couldn’t face that much. This is football and you have to engage.

Is Spain among those six or seven favorites that the coach talks about?

Spain has its history, it will always be among the favorites. Those compliments come because they know we can win and we are working and we are on the right track.

Which team surprised you the most at the end of the first day?

There have not been many surprises, in a Euro Cup you cannot trust anyone. Obviously, we know the team that France has, although Germany squeezed it. But I look at my selection and what we have to do.

How was your first year in Manchester with City? Was it a very abrupt change?

Yes. It is true that it is a strong change of country, of league … I adapted quickly, it has been a year of a lot of learning with a coach with whom I have been lucky to learn a lot. I have played in another position where I had not played much before and I am very happy. Next year, for more.

He will have the thorn of the Champions League final, in which he did not have a minute. Have you played everything you wanted this season?

It is clear that we always want to play everything. I work so that the coach takes me into account and can be ready. What can never be missing is work.

And personally, how has the year been with the pandemic and with hardly any visits?

It’s been a bit of a crazy year. At Christmas the family did visit me and my mother then stayed for a couple of months. Then my cousin stayed so that he wouldn’t be alone.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis there?

The good thing is that the training lasts all morning. Then I had my English classes, a little gym in the afternoons, and some PlayStation, no doubt (play Call of Duty).

How about English?

Well, you realize that until you go to a country where they only speak English you don’t really learn, I already defend myself well.

And is celebrating the titles with paellas, as you did with the League Cup, is something common?

It was more for not being at home …

But is he good at it? Kitchen?

Let’s leave it in question about the paella … And to eat I had a cook at home, it was very important for me because I was in contact with my nutritionist and it has been part of my integration to a new country.

“Luis Enrique has given me a lot of confidence from day one, even when I didn’t play much”

He scored three goals in 6-0 against Germany. What do you remember that made that game so special?

That motivation that we had to go to the final four of the League of Nations was like our first big test. The team responded against a Germany that you hit six today, but tomorrow they can beat you. And he showed that he responds to adversity.

Have you seen that game many times?

Every other time I wear it to motivate myself a little. I think it was my best performance with the national team.

He acts as a winger, but he can also do it as a forward, as happened for a while against Sweden. Does it feel good there?

Yes. At first I felt a little weird for playing with my back all the time, but I make it easy.

How has the lack of Busquets in the team been assumed? Has anyone been a leader?

We have all done our bit so that his absence was not so noticeable. It was a difficult time. We were worried about him and ourselves, in case we tested positive … In the end, that brought us all together a lot.

Did you get scared at the option of missing the Eurocup for testing positive?

Sure, it is mostly that. For many it was the first European Championship, it was a bit scary. But it has already happened, we are vaccinated …

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