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With these offers of school supplies you will save at least 15% on these essential products for going back to school

School supplies.

School supplies.

The lap from children to cole is every year a major expense that severely affects the family economy and that is why it is better to anticipate and try to sign up for the best deals In order to save a few euros that will surely come in handy at home.

Usually and except for textbooks, the material school it is not made up of excessively expensive products. but there are many.

And getting small savings in each one can end up adding a not inconsiderable figure to try to square a month as tough as September.

Back to school: The best offers

That is why we have dived in search of pencils, pens, compasses, rulers, notebooks, pencil cases … that have a discount and guaranteed quality so that you can buy them, buy them when they are cheapest, or when they are least on sale.

Virtually all the products that you can find in this selection have at least 15% discount.

Oxford – Pack 4 + 1 Notebooks

School supplies.

Oxford Classic Spiral Notebooks are Oxford’s most extensive range of notebooks.

The pack has a wide range of bright colors to be able to classify the subjects easily.

They are the ideal product for those who are looking for a notebook with the rigidity of extra-hard covers and who at the same time want something compact that does not weigh in the backpack.

Back to school offers: Tipp-Ex Correction Tape

School supplies.

The Tipp-Ex Mini Pocket Mouse Corrector is perfect for school.

Contains 6M of correction tape, making it your best writing tool.

The tape dries immediately so you can write on it without wasting time or mess.

It is easy to hold and apply the tape with precision and has a protective tip cap to protect the tape when not in use.

Plus, it works for both right- and left-handed users.

Back to school offers: Faber-Castell compass and ruler

School supplies.

It is true that there are cheaper compasses, but if it is about having a good compass that meets a series of characteristics and that you know that it will not fail you, the best choice is Faber-Castell.

With joints in both arms, spare accessories, lead and universal adapter, the set is a success.

It handles very well and gives the result that is expected of it.

In addition, the included 30cm technical ruler is 2mm thick with beveled edges and smudge-proof engraved graduations.

STABILO point 88 fine tip pen

School supplies.

Markers available in 30 bright colors, including five in neon.

They feature an unmistakable striped hexagonal design and a metal-reinforced fiber tip.

It is suitable for use with rulers and templates and does not dry out if left uncapped for long periods of time.

It has a ventilated cap and its line width is 0.4mm.

BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry

School supplies.

Thanks to their ultra-smooth ink and ergonomic body grip, BIC Gel-ocity Quick Dry retractable gel pens offer fluid, agile and natural writing.

These pens have fast-drying inks in vivid shades.

They are also equipped with a full rubber body that offers a comfortable and controlled grip, ideal for longer work sessions.

And thanks to its retractable design, a click is enough to extend or contract the tip of the pen.

Available in a variety of bright and cheerful colors, these pens are the ideal choice for taking notes, jotting down ideas, or adding a point of color to your writing.


School supplies.

The STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL has a unique design and its fluorescent colors are now an icon.

Today, it is the most famous marker for millions of consumers of all generations. Comfortable to wear, it is available in 9 fluorescent colors and 14 pastel colors.

Don’t worry if you forget to put the cap back on: thanks to STABILO Anti-Drying technology, STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL can be left uncapped for up to 4 hours and the ink does not dry out.

Its ink is water-based, so it is not harmful to health. All these features make the STABILO BOSS ORIGINAL the perfect marker you can always trust.

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