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With these portagels you will get your son or daughter to disinfect their hands frequently

The first of the basic rules that we learned with the arrival of the Covid-19 is frequent hand washing. It is important that we keep them clean and exercise extreme caution when touching certain objects. Therefore, the covers for hydroalcoholic gels or gel holders they become more necessary than ever.

Why buy portageles?

Hydroalcoholic solutions have become faithful allies in the fight against Covid-19. Before the confinement was declared in mid-March, the authorities warned of the guidelines to follow to avoid contagion. Among them, the disinfection of the hands, either by washing with soap and water, or by means of antiseptic gels.

For this reason, specialists recommend carrying a portagel by hand, especially when we cannot have a sink. It will be really useful in public spaces, when you travel or in your outdoor outings.

Types of portageles

Portagels are usually small cans where different liquids are introduced, such as antiseptics or hygiene products. However, there are accessories that have emerged in the wake of the pandemic, with holsters that are hung from bags and backpacks.

The covers have, in addition to a protective function, an aesthetic function. For this reason, they are made of silicone or neoprene fabrics resistant to impacts and rubbing.

In the following comparison, the various models that exist on the market have been included. From portageles with silicone sleeves with hooks, up extenders and bracelets.

To consider

The only characteristics that you should take into account are:

  • The capacity of the container. As mentioned before, the cans are small because they are designed to be light and not take up too much space. The smallest have a capacity of 10 ml; while the larger ones reach 30. To give you an idea, with the 10 ml container, you can apply the gel twenty times.

  • The design. Aesthetics is an important factor, considering that many of the covers are brightly colored, like PetSinc’s favorites, or suggestive patterns, like Boao’s. There are portagels that stand out on the contrary. They are sober and much more discreet, with the aim of not becoming an accessory that is out of tune. The example is found in the PULLandCLEAN extender or the Cleanlands bracelet.

  • The price. Portagels are not expensive accessories, considering their long lifespan. In addition, some of them, as has been said, are packs of up to twelve units. Those that you are going to read next range between 10 and 20 euros.

Favorite: PetSinc

The favorite: PetSinc.

The model chosen as the favorite is one of the best sellers because its design, compared to other portageles, is simple, portable and adjustable.

It is a 30 ml sealed bottle with a silicone sleeve that is hung by a hook on any handle or strap.

The only handicap is that you buy in pack of twelve units. Although this disadvantage becomes its main virtue, taking into account that, in a family of several members, there are usually different bags and backpacks.

Because these covers, in various colors, are very useful on trips, excursions or back to school: backpacks, bags, suitcases, baby carriages …

The favorite for back to school: Ulife Mall

The favorite for back to school: Ulife Mall.

The funniest and safest back to school comes in the form of themed portals from Ulife Mall: dinosaurs, unicorns, little mermaids or funny fruits. What will your children’s favorites be?

Each bottle, with a silicone sleeve that hangs from the handle, has a capacity of 30 milliliters and is characterized by its leak-proof, non-drip flip-top cap. Once screwed in there is no danger of the disinfectant solution spilling out.

At all times your children will have their disinfectant gel on hand, thus ensuring their health and that of others.

It should also be noted its practicality to carry in the sports bag other types of hygiene products, such as shampoo, body soap, or mouthwash.

Sprayer: FLZONE

Sprayer: FLZONE.

A discreet option for everyday use is the FLZONE portage.

The 60 ml spray can is attached to the extender and it is hung on the handle of a purse, backpack or loop. Simply stretch it to apply the gel, without the need to remove it. In other words, it speeds up the process and is very comfortable in certain situations, such as when walking or on public transport.

Those who have bought this portageles, also emphasize that it is discreet and simple and, therefore, does not clash with the outfit.

Fashionable: Boao

In fashion: Boao.

Those who do think about how to combine the holder with their clothes, the best option is offered by Boao. Like the favorite is offered in pack of twelve, with the particularity that the covers, of different colors and patterns, are hooked by means of a metallic ring like a key ring.

Inside the covers, made of neoprene, the flip-top dispenser is placed, which is turned to introduce the gel.

Also, like the favorite, the bottle is 30 ml, enough for daily and continuous use.

Cleands, bracelets with hydroalcoholic gel

Cleands, bracelets with hydroalcoholic gel.

Cleands bracelets add a touch of style to our look. Discreet, original and ergonomic, these bracelets have been designed in Spain with a 100% recyclable and hypoallergenic material that is placed on the wrists as a watch.

They have a capsule that is lightly pressed to dispense the gel. The liquid comes out of a non-drip valve so that the dose is clean and precise.

In addition, the 10 ml capsule allows continuous use, and you can apply around 20 doses.

In this case, carrying the gel by hand is literal. And this is its great asset compared to its competitors.

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