Thursday, December 2

Without football or trade – Information

Because the problem from Elche to Vallecas It was not just a lack of football, which is sometimes understood and forgiven. To this he added a worrying lack of profession. The franjiverdes did not know how to play in any of the scenarios that the clash raised, first with an advantage and later behind on the scoreboard. Almost always they played what Andoni Iraola wanted, with a Ray overturned on the Elche area when the electronic one was unfavorable to them. By flipping the sign of the result, it was not played directly. The Madrilenians knew how to muddy the game, something that the men of Fran Scribe (It is not known if they tried), before a docile team with no reaction capacity. To the lack of football and trade was added the absence of miracles. Neither in the goal, where no saint appears, nor in the attack, with the occasion marred at the last minute by Lucas Pérez, in the only shot that Elche remembers with the unfavorable score.

Reading comprehension

Scribe he attributed the defeat to a bad reading of the game. Not so much yours but the players. He came to say that the problems were detected from the outside, but that in the field they could not be solved, at least in time. Beyond a last half hour in which the offensive ineffectiveness stood out, more worrying is the image that remains of the defensive system in the two goals conceded, both due to a clear lack of intensity in the second rear line. In the first, no one resisted Santi Comesaña, who saw a rookie like Mario Hernández on the other side enter unguarded to score. And, in the second, Randy Nteka won the aerial duel to Helibelton Palacios, He got up, took the ball, drove it and shot it from outside the area with almost no opposition. Rayo players will not be on the list of candidates for the Ballon d’Or, but if you let them play, they are not lame either. And the same happens with the other 18 rivals of Primera.

Therefore, beyond reading the games better or worse, which Escribá is absolutely right in his presentation, the team should worry about improving this sense of defensive fragility, which sometimes emerges as serious errors and now does so as fouls by concentration when putting pressure on the opponent. Soccer is not quantum physics or the work of Immanuel Kant. Sometimes we get too complicated with the difficulty of the readings when they are simpler than we think.

The trunk of oblivion

In short, little can be rescued from Elche’s performance in Vallecas, at least on the positive. If Karina had her trunk of memories, this game should go to another, to the one of oblivion. Boyé aside (it deserves its own epigraph), the team gave the feeling of taking a step back. Are there excuses? Possibly. Especially the absence of Mojica, which is essential for the franjiverde game to win vertically.

In this same trunk it seems to have been locked Javier Pastore, that added a new game without minutes. Suddenly he is neither for half an hour, as in his debut, nor to try to overcome an adverse result. Sign of concern for someone who was the icing on the cake for this season’s project, but who is suffering from a kind of “gaseous effect.” We’ll see if, with his physique, Escribá manages to find a place for him in this Elche and in this football.

From Boyé to Nteka

The 0-1 and the 2-1 had a certain parallel in the figure of their two authors, Lucas Boyé y Nteka. The two scored goals that reflect, more or less, what their current careers, exercises of faith and survival are. Both were made, practically alone, two goals that made their hobbies roar. The franjiverde to be on the road to victory and the Vallecana to complete the comeback (and finally achieve that aforementioned triumph).

In Rayo, Nteka fights against the gigantic figure of Falcao, just as in Elche Boyé he has to do it against those of Lucas Pérez or Benedetto, forwards with more name than him beyond Matola and Torrellano. The Argentine showed that, to this day, no one is as decisive in the game franjiverde as he. Capable of everything human to produce offensively, in Vallecas he once again completed an exercise of controls, movements and actions that were only slowed by the lack of support, with the exception of some appearance of Fidel, on the part of his companions. In the goal, beating five defenders, Boyé once again showed that he is the alpha of this Elche.

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