Monday, January 24

“Without the social graduates, citizens would not have been able to submit their applications electronically”

M.ª Antonia Oliva Verdú. President of the Official College of Social Graduates of Alicante

What professions does the College of Social Graduates cover?

We are an institution that encompasses Social graduated, al Graduate Social Diploma, al Diploma in Labor Relations, and the current Title of Degree in Labor Relations and Human Resources.

Why is it necessary for a social graduate to enroll in college?

First of all, to practice our profession in court is mandatory requirement to be a collegiate. However, our profession requires us to be constantly updated, because there is not a day that labor relations are not modified by the laws, by collective agreements, by jurisprudence … allows the professional to be in constant learning.

Tell us what have been the most important activities you have developed from the College in recent months.

From school we provide all kinds of training, including both update, (as I said before), and tools for our work. They are also held annually courses for the preparation of payroll and social security, as well as procedural law courses, Due to our consideration of legal profession that allows us to intervene in the Courts in defense of the interests of companies, workers and beneficiaries of Social Security, Sepe …

The work of the College is also very important in the relations with the Administrations, to In order to facilitate the work of all Social Graduates and, with it, access to the Administration by citizens.

Secondly, In February 2020 we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the creation of the College of Social Graduates of Alicante, although unfortunately the celebrations were cut short by the pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

How have they experienced this pandemic situation and what has been their role during the health crisis?

During the pandemic, Social Graduates have demonstrated a high level of companionship without which it would have been much more difficult for us to get out of the complicated situation that was created as a result of the pandemic. The Administrations closed tight; companies and workers had economic needs that translated into process ERTES (Records of Temporary Employment Regulation), apply for benefits and subsidies of all kinds … And all this without being able to even come to our offices to sign a single document, with our templates, teleworking for the most part.

That was the situation and the College of Social Graduates, among other measures, created a facebook page so that colleagues could exchange opinions; training became telematics; we were in permanent contact with the Labor Inspection and Partner Safetyl, with the Justice Commission created for this purpose, with the Department of Labor, the organisms of the Social Security, the Sepe… With the aim of acting as a «transmission belt» between the members and those Administrations.

Tell us about your involvement in the development of Telematics Administration.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has been a driving force for the telematic file and Social Graduates we are being a key piece in its development, without us most of the citizens would not have been able to present their applications. However, even today there are many people who do not know how to manage their digital certificate, which has become necessary for any telematic management before the Administration.

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