Monday, January 24

“Without you nothing is the same”, campaign to promote consumption in small businesses and hotels in Alicante

“Almost two years of the global covid-19 pandemic, with the aggravation that we were still coming out of the previous economic crisis and that we link with the current one, now we add the constant increases in the price of energy, transport and fixed costs. This crisis has caused a wave of closings during the last semester of 2020 and until the second semester of 2021 very important “, affirms the president of the association of merchants Heart of Alicante, Vicente Armengol, when explaining the motivations of the campaign to promote consumption in local shops and hotels “Without you nothing is the same”.

“Fortunately the situation is changing and although very slowly, we are appreciating symptoms of recovery due to the uncertainty and change of almost constant scenarios in which we find ourselves. We are seeing with hope and enthusiasm data for improvement and how stores that had closed are reopening, creating activity, employment and dynamism in our streets, which shows that little by little the sector strengthens again, to demonstrate the importance and weight that Alicante has for our city. We want to remember close figures such as those of 2019 and the more than 10 million euros that were collected from the IBI tax only from commerce and that we represent 12% of GDP “, continues.

Armengol affirms that, despite everything, “We continue and will continue to need the help of administrations, direct aid, tax incentives because we are one of the sectors that has suffered the most and continues to suffer due to this pandemic and at the same time we are one of the key sectors for recovery. ”

Hence, with the support and collaboration of the Department of Commerce and Hospitality of the Alicante City Council, “We have seen fit to launch this communication campaign for the awareness and promotion of consumption in small businesses, services and local hotels. Precisely in these moments, in the face of the festivities, the Christmas and Three Kings festivities, in which through the campaign video, We invite reflection, highlighting a sector that is so relevant, essential, energizing, socializing and the driving force of our economy, such as commerce “.

The campaign is present in the merchants’ social media, as well as on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and from which we invite you to share the message, to achieve our goal a high level of viralization and reach the whole of society.

“From Corazón de Alicante we thank David Valero, script and direction to Rosendo Cortés” the voice “of the message and to the producer Videogenic, all great professionals of the Alicante audiovisual sector, for their work, effort and commitment to make this work more than just a product And it has been to create a message with a joyful, fun tone, going from comedy to a tone that invites reflection, a reflection that is none other than ‘Without you nothing is the same’. When you buy in the small business, you take things like quality care, the pleasure of taking care of the economy of your environment and keeping your neighborhood alive. Thanks to all of you who make it possible for we can keep lifting the blind and open our businesses every day“, he concludes.

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