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Woman Filmed Rising Floods in Tennessee and Seconds Later Drowned | Tennessee

A heartbreaking video posted on Facebook captured the terrifying moments a woman filmed as floodwaters passed through her home, seconds before she herself was swept to her death.

The 70-second clip shows Linda Almond, 55, trapped in her Waverly home on Saturday when a torrent of dark, dark water, several feet deep and laced with debris, rushes outside.

“We are being flooded right now. Really scary, ”Almond is heard saying. “Oh my God, oh my God!”

Another voice, presumed to be that of his 37-year-old son Tommy, says he thinks something hit the side of the house. Moments later, Almond’s daughter Victoria said the washington post, the house “was lifted off its foundations” and the two were swept into the water.

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Victoria Almond said her brother and mother grabbed onto a lamp post but released it when they saw a house floating towards them. When his brother emerged after being briefly dragged underwater, he said, his mother was gone.

When she spoke to her brother Saturday night, “I could hear in her voice, the way she described him and her tone of voice” that her mother was dead, said Victoria Almond, who lives 45 miles from her home. brother.

“I already knew. It wasn’t confirmed, but I already knew.”

She added: “My brother sank for about 45 seconds underwater and when he came back, he couldn’t find Mom. That’s when they broke loose. It was the last time he saw her. “

The storm brought 17 inches of rain in just three hours. Many scientists believe that severe weather events such as the Tennessee floods, wildfires in western states, and the strongest and most frequent hurricanes in the southern and eastern U.S. are related to the climate crisis caused by the man.

    Tennessee flood death toll rises after homes and businesses destroy - video
Tennessee flood death toll rises after homes and businesses destroy – video

Linda Almond is one of 22 known flood victims that hit rural Tennessee, destroying buildings and destroying communities. Dozens are still missing.

Authorities said on Tuesday that some 120 houses were uprooted, destroyed or simply “disappeared.” The extent of the damage became more focused as rescue teams continued to search.

Displaced residents found shelter with relatives, local churches, and housing provided by the American Red Cross. On Monday, President Joe Biden declared a major disaster and ordered federal aid.

Local officials said the dead included infants and the elderly. Family members told reporters that the seven-month-old twins died after being snatched from their parents’ arms.

Victoria Almond told the Post that her mother, who was from South Florida, had stayed at her brother’s home 60 miles west of Nashville to save money after an expensive summer trip with friends. Linda Almond suffered from back problems, but “honestly, she was happier than I’ve ever seen her,” her daughter told the Post.

Victoria Almond said she saw her mother’s video on Saturday afternoon. It was published at 10.13 a.m. M.

“That’s when the real concern struck,” he said.

He said that later he spoke with an aunt, who had spoken with his brother.

“He was crying and he said Mom and Tommy were in danger and they got caught in the flood,” Victoria Almond said.

Tommy Almond survived by climbing on the roof of a dilapidated building until the floodwaters receded.

“It really looks like he’s in shock,” his sister said. His mother’s body was recovered Sunday.

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