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Woman looked for a partner to steal her heart on Tinder, but what he stole was $ 33,641

A divorced woman decided to give herself a new chance in love, so she did not hesitate to open her account in the dating application Tinder, thinking that in her he would find love, but the only thing that he achieved is that “his lover” will steal thousands of dollars from him.

And it is common for people who join Tinder to believe that in the application they will find that person who will steal their hearts, but of Mary, a Mexican who was willing to give herself back to love was a real disappointment, since her supposed crush ended up robbing her of more than $ 33,641.

Novel with an unexpected and disappointing ending on Tinder

It seems like a horror novel, but it is a reality that a Mexican woman lived, according to what was published by the national newspaper Reforma.

According to the publication, Mary, as the woman was identified, is divorced and at 47 she decided to give herself a new chance in love, so she very excitedly opened her account on Tinder.

Thinking that her heart was going to beat again for love and that she would live a loving relationship again, but that desire and thought was very far from reality.

A “Pole” struck his heart

Despite the fact that in said application, Mary had several matches, the one who really struck her heart was a man identified as Franctiec Zetasky, or at least that’s what he called himself, who turned out to be a con man, disguised as a lover.

According to Mary’s testimony, the man said that he was originally from Poland, but lived in Poland.

He presented himself to Mary as a contractor and civil engineer, very sure of his work, he began to wrap his girlfriend.

Mary was not surprised that her crush was a foreigner, since she commented that she knew love stories with people from another country, so she did not hesitate to start a relationship with Franctiec Zetasky., since he never imagined what he was about to experience.

The presumed Polish man began to woo her, being very attentive and detailed, he did not miss the opportunity to make her fall in love.

With his actions and words, he was gaining the trust of Mary, according to what was declared by the affected party to the Reforma newspaper.

The alleged Polish man even sweetened her ears by telling her that when he saw babies in the parks, he imagined theirs, which Mary saw as a sign of tenderness and affection towards her.

But nothing was further from the truth.

He transferred $ 33,641

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, between Mary and Franctiec ZetaskyBut one day, suddenly, he told her that he had to travel to Turkey to collect $ 250,000 because he had won a lawsuit.

So far everything was fine, but the horror novel that Mary lived through began when Zetasky He told her that he had to pay $ 25,000 in taxes, but that he did not have that amount, so she had to help him.

Mary without hesitation made a transfer of 660, 576 Mexican pesos (about $ 33,641 dollars), which she was delivering in installments, but for Zetasky, the money was not enough and he asked for more.

However, Mary decided to no longer support him financially, because every time, it became more difficult to get the money.

Zetasky promised Mary to return to Mexico on May 30, however to date that has not happened, on the contrary, now the man has cut off all communication with the Mexican.

Faced with this situation, Mary filed a complaint with the Jalisco State Attorney General’s Office.

According to Reforma, the affected party made her case known to prevent other people from making the same mistake.

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