Thursday, September 23

Woman pushed to the rails when the train arrived and actor beaten: violence unleashed in the New York Subway

Woman pushed to the rails when the train arrived and actor beaten: violence unleashed in the New York Subway

Unbridled violence in the subway


A passenger experienced the scare of her life when a homeless person pushed her onto the New York Subway tracks as the train approached yesterday in Union Square (NYC), two days after a Broadway actor was violently beaten in another Upper West Side station.

The harrowing moment yesterday was recorded in a video released by New York Post. Surveillance footage shows a man pacing back and forth on the platform of 4/5/6 Uptowm in 14th Street-Union Square, shortly before 8:30 am He then runs up to the 40-year-old woman and shoves her onto the rails.

Miraculously the unidentified victim escaped with only minor injuries, even when the first two train cars passed over her., detailed Fox News.

“She fell, luckily for her, between a row and the rails,” Transit Chief Kathleen O’Reilly said at a news conference. “Very minor injuries, but by the grace of God.”

The suspect, Aditya Vemulapati (24), lay down on the platform after the attack and he was quickly arrested by the police. They later accused him of assassination attempt and reckless assault, among other charges.

Sarah Feinberg, presidenta interina NYC Transit, called the attack “horrible” and asked the city to do a better job in managing mental illness. “It has to be addressed and I am desperate because this mayor or the next I assumed it because we have a long way to go ”.

Also yesterday, Alex Weisman (33), a Broadway actor, reported that he had been beaten by a homeless man in a Metro station Tuesday, suffering a eye socket fracture and a torn retina.

Weisman, a member of the original cast of the musical “Harry Potter and The Cursed Child”, had to undergo laser eye surgery after he was struck in the face at 103rd St station on the B / C lines. Until last night no one had been arrested for this case, he reported New York Post.

The actor added that three of his friends were also randomly attacked in Manhattan this week: one in Chelsea and two on the Upper West Side.

While expressing sympathy for the city’s homeless population, Feinberg argued that the city’s transit system should only serve those looking to ride it. “We cannot be a place where we simply gather people who are experiencing a mental health crisis. It’s not fair to the people who are using the system. “

Since May 6, the New York Subway has been closed for four hours each night for a deep cleaning and an attempt to evict the homeless who, in many cases, take to the streets, and then wander back into the Underground.

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