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Woman screams at taxi driver in ‘row over fare’ then calls him ‘tight b*****d’

The passenger reportedly refused to pay for her taxi ride to Vauxhall in Liverpool and called the driver a “tight b*****d” before being pulled away by a friend

A woman was filmed screaming in a taxi driver ‘s face after reportedly refusing to pay her fare.

Video footage shows the woman shouting at the cabbie and calling him a “tight b*****d” before being pulled away by a friend.

The shocking episode unravelled at Dawson Street taxi rank in Liverpool at the start of April.

The woman failed to pay for her trip to Vauxhall in Liverpool, according to a cab driver who referred to himself only as Tony.

The 41-year-old said that the driver had to go to her house “at least four times” in his efforts to collect the fare.

“Then when the woman came back to use the rank again she saw this driver and this was the abuse he received,” he told the Liverpool Echo.

The alleged incident took place at Dawson Street taxi rank in Liverpool


Liverpool Echo)

“The driver is in his 50s and is only doing his job and trying to make a living.

“It’s worse when people are on the ale, they will be your best friend and then a switch will just go.

“Or when people get into the cab knowing full well they have no money, there’s literally nothing we can do except for calling the police about it.

“People get in the cab knowing they are going to commit a crime and not pay for a service.”

The heated episode is one of many over the past month, according to Tony.

Tony said it is one of multiple incidents this month alone


Liverpool Echo)

After six years behind the wheel, he said he has learnt how to deal with such situations as he opened up about the daily challenges cab drivers face.

He added: “When I was younger I would say things to people and get out of the cab.

“Now I’m older and wiser, I know to hold my tongue and not get out of the cab.

“I have a partner and we have a mortgage, and if I get out of the car and get into any kind of incident I could get my licence taken away and lose my living.

It was said the woman screamed in the driver’s face before she was pulled away by a friend


Liverpool Echo)

“I would just like to add that we are just like everyone else and we have a job to do.

“We don’t need people coming on to our working and being nasty especially when we’re trying to load other passengers in.”

Others took to Facebook to share their views after seeing footage of the taxi driver.

One person said: “Feel ashamed for her, just pay your fare.”

Another commented: “The abuse a taxi driver suffers, especially on Saturday nights, is a disgrace.

“The trouble with some idiots is that they feel they have the right to get inside a taxi and abuse the driver because they don’t have the money or they refuse to pay.

“I was a taxi driver myself and when dealing with drunks I would try and humour them it makes the journey easier.”

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