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Woman sentenced to 111 years for murder of her brother released in Puerto Rico

Woman sentenced to 111 years for murder of her brother released in Puerto Rico


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Ashley Marie Torres Feliciano left jail this Monday after spending the last 11 years in priPic as co-author of the murder of her brother in 2009, after benefiting from the 31 clemency dictated by the already former governor Wanda Vázquez on the occasion of the end of her term at the helm of the Puerto Rican Executive.

The expectation was high to see leave jail to Torres Feliciano, one of the protagonists of a media event that dates back more than a decade, when she was found guilty of being the co-author, at 16, of the death of her brother and sentenced to 111 years in priPic.

Torres Feliciano benefited from the conditional pardon modality.

Lawyers from the Innocence Project of the Inter-American University were present at Torres Feliciano’s meeting with officials from the Board of Parole LBPP).

Torres Feliciano’s mother, Lucrecia, was one of the people who looked forward to outside the priPic to see her daughter after so many years.

Torres Feliciano, however, will have to spend a year in house arrest under electronic supervision before he can receive a final pardon.

The young woman goes out to the street with an electronic control system through a GPS shackle.

During the year of residence, Torres Feliciano is expected to study before Search for a job.

The events that led to her conviction date back to 2009 in the course of a party in which her partner, after an argument, beat her, part of a habitual pattern, which caused her to brother come to his defense and start a fight.

After several minutes of fighting, Ashley Marie’s brother was injured, who was admitted and later died.

The today pardoned was accused of being co-author of his murder for, allegedly, having given his partner the knife with which his brother was murdered.

He Innocence Project he had requested clemency for Torres Feliciano by alleging that it was an excessive sentence for a minor who suffered abuse by his then partner, the father of his daughter, and who was the one who stabbed the young woman’s brother.

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