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“Women cannot simply join what is already established”




“In just four decades, Spanish women have gone from black to white in the exercise of our freedoms,” said Carmen Calvo, First Vice President of the Government, at the inauguration of
Santander WomenNOW
. “I am grateful that this forum makes us a place to talk about how we look at the world and what we contribute.”

The female leadership congress organized by Vocento began the first of its three days with a reflection from the vice president: «What world do women want? A world that is more like us. One that is inspired by what we have been saying: that we empower ourselves and intensely exercise our rights». And she recalled “discrimination, the lack of power, the exclusion of rights in some parts of the world and the particular crimes that end our lives” as some of the problems that women often face.

Minutes before the words of the vice president, Lourdes Garzón, director of WomenNOW, had welcomed this “place of cosmopolitan reflection to ask what world we want to build.”

Learn to listen

In her speech, Carmen Calvo called for “some silence.” Not to the attendees of the forum, organized by Vocento at its headquarters, but to the authorities. «The world continues to discriminate against us and has to be inspired by our words. We have to be more listened to. We cannot just join what is already established. Because the world would have lost the transformation that we can bring with our different gaze.

While men have occupied the spaces of the “tight powers”, women were on the “hidden side of life”, which “men do not know,” said Calvo. From this female experience, challenges such as climate change, the digitization of society, school failure or inclusion can be faced, without “sophisticated” debates to create a “democracy with social status.”

In the construction of that “balanced, supportive and fraternal” society, in which women, “or anyone else,” have to give up “having a life” to successfully pursue a scientific or technical career“180-degree changes are not required, but some silence is required for us to be more listened to,” insisted Calvo, who believes that “feminism is a humanism that seeks balance.” “We do not threaten, but we exercise the power of being more than half the population. Without our consent there will be no humane and reasonable future. ‘

Santander WomenNOW is held until Friday, June 11, in person in the auditorium of the Vocento headquarters in Madrid and is broadcast live by streaming. The congress has the sponsorship of Banco Santander as a Global Partner, the sponsorship of Hyundai, Iberia, Novartis and Vodafone; and the collaboration of Circe, Verdejo de Rueda; Community of Madrid, Correos, Princess of Girona Foundation and Ouigo.

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