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Women in the Fortune Global 500: number of women leading is record high

Mary Barra, CEO of GM, is one of the women who run Fortune Global 500 companies.

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This year the number of women running Fortune’s Global 500 companies skyrocketed by nine, which represents a historical figure. The combined sales of these companies equate to $ 31.7 trillion, or one-third of global GDP.

With this increase, women now run 23 of the companies in the Global 500. In addition, the list became much more diverse because in 2021 they are already six African American women who have a Global 500 business, while in 2020 it was only one.

Since Fortune began tracking the number of female CEOs in the Global 500 in 2014, the statistic has ranged from 12 to 17. Today there are 23 female CEOs and they represent 4.6% of the total where the male gender predominates.

In the last ranking of 2021 the number grew thanks to some leadership changes. Karen Lynch took over as CEO of CVS Health, ranking No. 7 on the list.

Roz Brewer, a former Starbucks and Walmart executive, took over as CEO of Walgreens Boots Alliance. Jane Fraser became CEO of Citigroup, becoming the first woman to head a major Wall Street bank. While former JPMorgan Chase executive Thasunda Brown Duckett became the CEO of the pension administrator TIAA.

Women CEO 2021:

1. Karen Lynch, Executive Director of CVS Health

2. Roz Brewer, CEO de Walgreens Boots Alliance

3. Jane Fraser, CEO of Citigroup

4. Thasunda Brown Duckett, Executive Director of TIAA

5. Jessica Tan, Executive Director of Ping An Insuranc

6. Carol Tome, CEO of UPS

7. Bianca EM Tetteroo, Chair of the Achmea Executive Board

8. Catherine MacGregor, CEO of Engie

9. Nicke Widyawati, CEO of Pertamina

10. Revathi Advaithi, CEO de Flex

11. Mary Barra, CEO of GM

12. Gail Boudreaux, Directora ejecutiva de Anthem

13. Véronique Penchienati-Bosetta, Acting Co-CEO Danone

14. Amanda Blanc, Executive Director of Aviva

15. Corie Barry, CEO, Best Buy

16. Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture

17. Emma Walmsley, CEO of GlaxoSmithKline

18. Tricia Griffith, CEO de Progressive

19. Martina Merz, CEO of ThyssenKrupp

20. Safra Catz, CEO de Oracle

21. Phebe Novakovic, CEO of General Dynamics

22. Kathy Warden, CEO of Northrup Grumman

23. Dong Mingzhu, CEO of Gree Electric Appliances

No company led by women left the list between 2020 and 2021.

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