Sunday, August 1

Women’s Champions final: Chelsea-Barcelona, ​​live online

  • The Catalans crushed Chelsea in the first half where they left the final resolved.

  • Before minute 1 they were already winning the match, which ended with a 0-4 win.

  • Aitana Bonmatí, author of one of the goals, chosen as MVP of the match

  • An own goal, Putellas, Bonmatí and Hansen scored all four Barcelona goals

“A woman needs money and a room of her own.” Barça made the writer’s phrase their own Virginia Woolf and he opted for women’s football. This Sunday in Gothenburg he collected the fruit of the investment when he saw how Vicky losada raised the first women’s Champions culé after an exhibition against Chelsea.

The Barça captain said it in the preview of the final: they had the responsibility not only of achieving the title so long desired, but also of the image they gave to the girls who stick to television to see them. While the majority of the Barcelona squad grew up without female footballers, many girls will now dream of being footballers by profession, like the heroines of Gothenburg.

Barcelona monologue

What those girls and the rest saw was a Barcelona monologue from the beginning. Barça had learned their lesson from the defeat two years ago against Lyon in Budapest. So much, so much, so much so that he almost traced that meeting, but reversing the roles. Chelsea, in their first final, played the role of fearful debutante while the Catalans were as implacable as Lyon had been with them in 2019, who saw their five-year reign come to an end this Sunday.

Before the first minute of play, the Catalans were already winning by a goal from Leupolz after what Martens will send a ball to the crossbar. And, after Jenni Beautiful already had the second in his boots a couple of minutes later, the Pichichi of the Champions fell down in the area. Alexia putellas, which dragged annoyances but did not want to miss this appointment with history, placed the 0-2 when it had not reached the quarter of an hour of play. Not even the most optimistic would have predicted something like this. But the festival would not stop there. At halftime the scoreboard reflected a devastating 0-4 after Aitana Bonmatí joined the party with the third after a great pass from Alexia and Graham hansen will culminate a spectacular action of Martens.

‘The winner takes it all’

The pulse was resolved and the Catalans dedicated themselves to counting the minutes remaining for the long-awaited coronation that ended 14 years of French and German rule. Since UEFA created this competition a couple of decades ago, all the Champions League (except the Swedish Umea in 2003 and 2004 and Arsenal in 2007) had gone to France or Germany.

‘The winner takes it all’ Abba sang and Barça took from Sweden much more than a trophy: it became the first club to have won in both categories, it received continental support for the ambitious project and it marks another milestone in the growth of women’s football in Spain. This may be the arreón that was lacking for the professionalization of the Iberdrola League.


Joan Laporta, which in 2004 made the first media bet of the women’s Barça with the signing of Marigol, celebrated from the Ullevi box that the first Champions League came from the boots of the women’s team. The block of Lluís Cortés It has grown rapidly in the last three years, in which it has entered two European finals and linked the last two leagues. And he has also done it with a commitment to the Barça style, the one that has not been seen at the Camp Nou for many years.

The coach rotated the bench so that the maximum number of players could enjoy that moment. In addition to giving entrance to the captain Vicky losada Y Melanie Serrano. The Sevillian side, the player who has defended the Barça shirt the most times (478), is a living Barça legend. After 17 seasons with the team, no one like her can explain the prodigious evolution of the club.

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It was a recognition to all those who have done their bit to build something that seemed unreal a few years ago. What Maria Antònia Mínguez, Barça’s first goalkeeper and who gave the first title in the penalty shoot-out of the legendary first game at the Camp Nou 50 years ago. This Sunday both she and the rest of the surviving pioneers celebrated the first Champions League, unimaginable when they played that match on Christmas Day 1970 and which was the first step on the long road that led to the throne in Gothenburg.

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