Sunday, June 13

women’s football will be officially professional from June 15

  • “Our commitment to equality in the sports field is going to take shape in a historic milestone”, the president of the CSD said in Congress.

Jose Manuel Franco had hinted at it on Monday at the delivery ceremony of the Gold Plaque of the Royal Order of Sports Merit to the female Barça. The CSD president pointed out that this Tuesday there would be “positive news” for the future of women’s football. And so it has been. “Our commitment to equality in the sports field is going to be materialized in a historic milestone. I wanted it to be in my first appearance in parliament and before this chamber, where I solemnly announced that next June 15 the Higher Sports Council It will declare top-category women’s football professional “, it has ruled in the Congress of Deputies.

The former Secretary of State for Sports, Irene Lozano, had already expressed the goal that women’s football be professional in the highest category of the First Iberdrola for the 2021-22 season. Franco has expressed his desire to “have the unanimous support of the entire sports and political establishment, because advancing in equality matters is a global benefit for society as a whole, it is a symptom of good democratic health and of public policies aimed at creating freer and just societies “.

The president of the CSD has highlighted that in the field of feminism and equality, football acts as a “locomotive” to achieve real and effective equality. “It is a path not without difficulties, but we are prepared and excited to travel it,” he stressed.

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The Barcelona Champions, definitive push

The professionalization of women’s football will be official just a month after the Barça conquest of the Champions League, which has been the last push that was missing for a long-claimed measure. “I think it may be the beginning of this professionalization of the League, but that there are many steps to take that are not within our reach and that are decisions that unfortunately we cannot take and what we have to continue to do is give a good image, continue reaching out to the people, continuing to be examples and that the institutions take firm steps “, Vicky Losada, captain of the women’s Barça, valued this Monday in an interview in this newspaper after receiving the Gold Plate from the president of the CSD for the conquest of the triplet. Barça, the fifth team in Europe to win the Champions League, the League and the Cup, has played a decisive role in the leap forward of women’s football in Spain, which has experienced accelerated growth since the World Cup in France-2019.

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