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Wood burning fireplaces | The three cheapest wood burning fireplaces from Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin wood burning fireplaces | Create a cozy atmosphere and provide warmth to your living room

Why not? If you’ve always dreamed of having one fireplace maybe this winter is the ideal time to indulge yourself. These fireplaces are very practical to heat your home and will allow you save on Electricity bill, since you will only need firewood, the price of which is quite cheap.

Also, now that there is so much talk about black out that can come if you have a fireplace you will not have to worry about having heat, light and even cooking something. And what about the environment you will create in your home: cozy at its best. There is nothing more hypnotic than a fire, so imagine having it in your living room, to which you will also give a touch of elegance and design.

Wood burning fireplaces: home or insert?

Within the range of wood burning fireplaces you can choose between two options: hogar e insert. Its main difference is that the former does not have fans while the former do. In addition, the latter have a double layer that surrounds the body of the device. The hearths are an older design that did not guarantee that the heat was distributed evenly out of the structure, while the inserts when carrying these fans the heat does not accumulate inside the work, but they catch the cold air, They pass it through a double chamber and expel it already hot. In this way it is also possible to heat the room more quickly.

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Leroy Merlin wood burning fireplaces | You can heat a medium or large room with it LEROY MERLIN

Cheap wood burning fireplaces at Leroy Merlin

On Leroy Merlin We have found three very cheap firewood inserts. The first of these is the Invicta 700T cast iron and 8 kW of power. It is recommended for heating rooms of up to 70 square meters and a performance of 75%. You can modulate its power for more comfort and the radiation from the cast iron is 100% recyclable. It has measures of 49x67x80 centimeters and costs 549 euros.

Another option is the TJ Zeus 60 with 10.7 kW and a performance of 82%. Heats rooms of up to 86 square meters and has a double turbine system, draft regulator, primary air control, double combustion system and two air outlets. It measures 58.6×52.3×39.7 centimeters and costs 549 euros.

Leroy Merlin wood burning fireplaces | Turn your living room into a more welcoming room LEROY MERLIN

Finally we have the TJ Afar 70 with a 12 kW cast iron combustion chamber that allows you to heat rooms of up to 99 square meters. It has two turbines, primary air control, draft control and two air outlets. Its measurements are 69.6x58x43.4 centimeters and it costs 589 euros.

Leroy Merlin wood burning fireplaces | Fireplaces will also help you save on your electricity bill LEROY MERLIN

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