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Wordle in Spanish, four months later: many winks and a million people playing every day

Wordle was the viral phenomenon of early 2022, born as a small game developed for the girlfriend of its creator that ended up being sold to the New York Times for between one and five million dollars. Four months later, that purchase has been a great success for the American medium, since it has brought “tens of millions” of new users, who were attracted by the game and contributed to making the first quarter of the year the best of its kind. history in new registrations for your gaming subscription.

What about the Spanish version of Wordle? We wanted to speak with its creator, Daniel Rodriguezfour months after our first conversation with him, where he gave us some clues about his development and plans for the future, as well as a current photo of the success of the game: Are you still growing in players, or have you left your best moment behind?

Many winks and the controversy by Nadal

Daniel Rodriguez

In January, when the game had only been running for four days, Daniel revealed to us that there would be words with winks on specific days. A day earlier, “titan” was the end of the day due to the premiere of the new season of ‘Attack on Titan’. In this time we have seen others, like ‘Nadal’ the day after his epic comeback against Medvedev. “The most controversial word so far, many people complained“, not being a word as such, but a proper name.

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We also saw “home” on mother’s day. Another special word was ‘support’ on World Cancer Day. The idea was suggested by La Vecina Rubia, an influencer who helped make the game famous in its early days.

In gratitude for that support, another wink for her: if someone tries their luck with the word ‘cuqui’, the green squares become pink. Elrubius, surely the most outstanding influencer for Wordle, who has played live in many broadcasts, also has a little tribute: if someone uses the word “cats” with dark mode activated, your logo appears in the empty boxes. As data, at the end of May the next word “special” will take place.

Beyond the tributes, nobody has made an offer to Daniel to buy the game, although he has had advertising proposals which has been ruled out for now. It did incorporate programmatic advertising (automatic acquisition, low-value ads) with the option to deactivate it “simply so as not to lose money with the game”, but it has not considered the proposals received interesting. It is not closed to them arriving in the future in formats that “do not damage the game experience.”

A million people still play every day

In the original report, the game had only been running for four days and no conclusions could be drawn about the game patterns of some users who were still discovering its existence. At that time, 52,000 people were playing it daily. Today, no day goes below a million people accessing the webaccording to data from Google Analytics to which we have been able to have access.

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Although the figures are quite stable, at the beginning of April there was a peak of users that has not been reached again. 1.7 million people played Wordle on the best day you’ve ever had. Now the figures slightly exceed one million again.

The only pattern that can be extracted is that Mondays are the days when the traffic is higher, and the weekends are when the activity tends to drop somewhata symptom that Wordle is an office habit or on the way to work.

TV Powww: this was the video game that was played on the phone and that had a replica on Tele 5 in the 90s

In its early days, 90% of the players came from Spain. Today the Bull Skin™ is still the outstanding leader, but it has given ground to other countries: almost a third of the players are Spanish, Argentina has multiplied its presence to reach 11%, and the United States and its Latino community achieve bronze with 8%.

During this time, Daniel also incorporated novelties in terms of game modes, in the case of the accents, the scientific mode or the time trial. And more will come in the future: most of the ideas that he has implemented have been received from his own friends and people close to him, or from players who have been encouraged to write to him on Twitter, where he has gone from less than a hundred followers to more than 13,000 in these four months. He is already “the one with the Wordle”.

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