Monday, June 5

Work begins in Alcoy to convert the Rodes complex into a technology park

This first phase constitutes the bulk of the project, with an investment of 7 million euros and an execution period of 28 months. It includes the buildings located in the upper part of the block, with entrance from Vistabella Street, which will house the municipal archive, an assembly hall and rooms for exhibitions, as well as a space for social use for the Santa Rosa neighborhood. The two modernist-style warehouses located in the central area will be used for holding congresses, conferences or presentations related to economic revitalization, while the space closest to Cervantes Park will serve to locate technology companies, including the Digital District , the start-ups of the Alcoy campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) and other newly created companies.

The mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, has advanced that the technological-sociocultural park will be in operation in 2023, while explaining that in the coming months they will award the works to locate the Center for Interior Tourism Development (CDTI), valued at 2.2 million and financed entirely by the Valencian Tourism Agency, and the rehabilitation of the houses on Tibi Street, whose project has been approved this week and includes the municipal offices and administrative services of the complex and spaces for incubators of companies and temporary residences for digital nomads. In this case, the investment is 2.3 million, of which the Alicante Provincial Council will contribute 45% and the City Council 55%.

At the beginning of the works, the facultative management explained that “this work of recovering and enhancing the architectural heritage is based on identifying which elements can be maintained”, which in this case “is practically all the structures and facades ».

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Eladio Jorge Silvestre, in presentation of the UTE construction company Eladio Silvestre and Víctor Tormo, insisted that, although it is not appreciated, “the work has started very strong”, with the demolition of structures in poor condition. “At the moment we are trying to plan everything to meet deadlines and conditions”, in fact the execution of the first phase has been set at 28 months, but “our forecast is 24, because we want to have a margin”, since the work ” it is technically very complicated “, as well as” difficult times of material shortages are coming.

The professionals also have to coordinate with the companies that are finally awarded the other two phases of the project.

The project will employ 400 professionals for 2 years

The mayor of Alcoy, Toni Francés, stressed that “Rodes will generate work from day one”, since in this first phase more than 250 professionals from different trades will be employed. To this figure must be added the CDTI implantation works and the recovery of the houses on Tibi Street, which will mean that “in two years more than 400 workers will contribute to making this great project a reality.”

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