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Work-from-home openings almost quadruple in the last year in New York

Working from home has saved New Yorkers thousands of dollars by eliminating commutes to work.

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New York City businesses offered nearly four times the number of remote jobs to new job seekers in the past year. The key industries with the highest increase in virtual jobs – amid the coronavirus pandemic – included administrative, information and financial services.

“And this is just the beginning,” said NYC Partnership Executive Director Kathryn Wylde, whose business group analyzed figures compiled by labor market analysis firm Emsi Burning Glass.

At the beginning of 2020, there were 6,700 of 163,000 jobs in New York that could be filled by remote workers, or 4% of all available jobs.

Last December, there were 25,800 of 243,000 jobs posted for the same type of employment, or 10.6%.

Wylde pointed out that virtual jobs allow the employee to work from anywhere in the world, which has a huge impact on the New York business district, culture and society in general.

And it is that having fewer workers going to their offices in the commercial districts of central Manhattan and Midtown means that there is less foot traffic for restaurants and pubs in the area, which could lead to job losses in those businesses and even their closing.

Wylde also expressed concern that the growth of the remote work option could make it easier for wealthier New Yorkers, who pay the highest taxes for city government services, to move to other, more affordable cities.

A survey conducted by the association in November found that only 28% of Manhattan workers returned to their offices. and that most were still working remotely 18 months into the pandemic.

A national survey just released by Morning Consult found that 55% of respondents who work from home said they would consider quitting their jobs if forced to return to their offices before they felt it was safe to do so due to the pandemic.

On the upside, one study found that working from home saved New Yorkers thousands of dollars by eliminating commutes and other daily expenses.

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