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Workers without a contract at the Gran Teatro de Cáceres receive “fixed bonuses”

The annual audit of the 2019 financial year of the General Intervention of the Junta de Extremadura does not give a good grade to the Gran Teatro de Cáceres Consortium. On the contrary, the general report detailing the state of the accounts and the administrative organization of the different public bodies alludes to the fact that it is favorable but “with caveats”. In short, an exam “partially” passed due to the detection of irregularities that are related to the professional staff.

There are those who perform their function without a contract with the Consortium and receive fixed bonuses. This is evidenced by the document that addresses the annual operations of this entity in which the Board, the City Council and the Provincial Council of Cáceres participate. “There are workers who provide services, without an employment relationship with the Consortium, but receive fixed and periodic bonuses from it”, concludes in its audit report the Intervention of the regional administration. The amount of the amount affected by this situation rises to just over 16,000 euros. Exactly, 16,535 euros in the aforementioned year 2019.

Consulted in this regard, the Ministry of Culture explains to TODAY that it is “a situation of bureaucratic regularization pending the work provided by a worker from the Cáceres City Council in the Gran Teatro.” That work is done by him, he adds, during the functions and shows of the official programming.

As stated in the annual accounts of the Consortium, the Gran Teatro had a staff of five workers in 2019, two of its own personnel (management positions and administrative assistant) and three attached to the consortium entities.

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“The Consistory is working to solve it,” clarifies the Junta de Extremadura about that professional who charges fixed figures without having a regular employment relationship. According to Culture, he receives “around 8,000 euros” a year. The figure does not coincide with that of Intervention in its report.

In the same sense, the City Council Government team limits itself to indicating that “it is a situation that is being regularized.” No further details are provided, nor is it explained how and when the regularization will take place.

Interestingly, in the external audit that the Auren company carried out on the Gran Teatro in 2019, it is also noted that the Consortium receives “aid in kind” from the different administrations with the transfer of workers “for the performance of administration and management services”, points.

The case has gone through the Assembly of Extremadura, among others that have also been addressed in the annual report of the regional Intervention. In relation to the Consortium, Elisa Cortés, auditor, explained that these are professionals who “have no employment relationship with the Gran Teatro de Cáceres, but they do have one with another entity. It is a kind of strange loan that they have between two entities that we believe must be regularized », she coincides in her conclusions with the affected administrations themselves.

A professional manager will be incorporated

The Gran Teatro Consortium will incorporate the position of professional manager. This has been confirmed by the Secretary General of Culture herself, Mirian García Cabezas. The matter has been discussed in the regional Assembly, in which the PP deputy Laureano León asked the reasons why that decision was made to “create a new single-person body”, despite the fact that these functions have been carried out by the director or auxiliary staff.

The Board understands that with the increase in the budget allocation, the increase in activity and the different administrative and bureaucratic procedures that must be carried out on a day-to-day basis, management is a necessity. The Secretary General of Culture also recalls that the management already existed, although it was eliminated in 2012 with the cuts made by the PP. Culture “promotes the replacement of the position of manager of the Grand Theater,” remarked García Cabezas, a decision supported by “all the members of the Governing Council of the Grand Theater, with the sole exception of the representatives of the PP.” “It was not necessary to create the figure of manager,” replied the PP spokesman in the Culture Commission. The version of the popular is that this position will be for a person related to the PSOE.


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