Wednesday, December 8

World Cup 2022: Who has qualified for Qatar? Complete list of equipment

Qualification for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is underway as countries compete to fill 32 spots in next year’s showcase on the sport’s biggest stage.

The competition, which will take place from November 12 to December 12. February 18, 2022, It will be the last 32-team edition before the 2026 World Cup in North America expands to 48 teams. Qatar secured its place in December 2010, a bidding process that has since been mired in controversy. Regarding the allocation of the other places, 13 places are allocated to Europe, five to Africa, four and a half to Asia and South America, three and a half to North America, Central America and the Caribbean, and half to the Region of Oceania. Those “half” places earned by teams send them to a pair of intercontinental playoffs for the last two spots on the field. Which regions will be paired for the playoffs has yet to be determined.

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