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World Earth Day 2022: XR blocks printing plant for major US paper

Timelapse shows impact of climate change across different locales around planet

Extinction Rebellion have said their activists carried out a blockade at a printing works for major US newspapers on Earth Day, a global event to celebrate and mobilize in support of protecting the environment.

The climate action group targeted a plant used by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal in the early hours of the morning.

Meanwhile other protests are planned around the world on Earth Day, including ones against Russian fossil fuels in Europe.

Many other events are being held across the globe to celebrate the 52nd annual event for the environment, including other environmental protests, talks, film screenings and local litter picking events.

Earth Day 2022 has a theme of “Invest in our Planet” with a focus on encouraging individuals, businesses and world leaders to invest and switch to greener technologies and practices.


George Ezra donates to National Trust

George Ezra donates to National Trust

George Ezra and YouTube have made a donation to the National Trust to plant around 17,000 trees across the UK.

The 28-year-old singer-songwriter, whose hits include Shotgun and Budapest, said he hoped to play a part in tackling the climate crisis and environmental decline.

The new woodland will lock in carbon, help reduce flooding and create homes for wildlife, the National Trust said.

Katy Clifton22 April 2022 13:05


bangkok protests

Protesters have taken to the streets in Bangkok in Thailand for Earth Day.

Environmental activists hold a sign during an Earth Day rally in Bangkok

(Getty Images)

Activists take to the streets in Bangkok for Earth Day 2022

(Getty Images)

Zoe Tidmann22 April 2022 12:47


Rail travel Q&A event with expert Simon Calder

What better time to delve into the world of one of the greenest forms of travel on Earth Day?

This is exactly what our travel Simon Calder will be doing this afternoon. He will be on hand to answer all your rail travel questions in an ‘Ask me anything’ event today between 1 and 2pm.

Find more information on how to get involved here:

Zoe Tidmann22 April 2022 12:24


US president marks Earth Day will landmark order on old-growth forests

The US president is marking Earth Day with a trip to lush but fire-prone Washington state and the signing of an executive order to protect old-growth forests.

This order creates the first-ever inventory of old-growth forests – key to absorbing carbon dioxide from the air – on federal lands and develop a plan to conserve them.

It will also task diplomats with doing more to combat deforestation abroad, the White House said.

Zoe Tidmann22 April 2022 12:10


Time-lapse images show impact of climate crisis

New time-lapse images released by Google to mark Earth Day have revealed the devastating impact of climate change around the world.

Satellite pictures for the 2022 Earth Day Google doodle reveal melting glaciers, deforestation and coral bleaching in the past few decades.

Maryam Zakir-Hussain have the full story:

Zoe Tidmann22 April 2022 11:55


Keep on top of climate news

If you want to keep updated on the latest climate news, you can sign up the The Independent‘s free newsletter here:

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Climate crisis demands system-wide change – here is how to help

If you are looking for how to help the environment to tackle the climate crisis this Earth Day, look no further.

“In a world built around fossil fuels, it’s much harder to opt out of pollution and emissions than it is to opt in,” Ethan Freedman, our climate reporter, writes.

“But here’s what is possible: pressing your government, political leaders and public officials to making sweeping changes on climate, from city infrastructure to national energy policy.”

He takes a look at how to help set system-wide change in motion here:

Zoe Tidmann22 April 2022 11:38


How to avoid the greenwash while trying to invest in the planet

The theme of this Earth Day is all about investing in the planet.

money editor Kate Hughes writes: “When it comes to the financial world, plagued by perhaps the most rampant greenwashing of any industry, that seems a deliberately difficult task.”

She has put together a guide to help navigate this:

Zoe Tidmann22 April 2022 11:28


Why have XR launched a blockade on US newspaper printing plant?

The group have released a statement explaining the blockade, aimed at disrupting the distribution of three major US titles: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journaland USAToday.

Extinction Rebellion NYC said:

“By failing to cover the climate emergency with the depth and frequency it warrants, the media is enabling the government’s gaslighting of the public – making it easy for government to act like the climate and ecological crisis is years away, ignore scientists’ urgent calls to action, and refuse to take the steps we need to start transforming our systems from finite and fragile to strong and resilient.”

Its full statement on the protest is here:

Zoe Tidmann22 April 2022 11:04


Poems for Earth Day

Earth Day is supposed to offer us an opportunity to celebrate our planet, and not merely serve as another day to remind us how badly we are abusing it, Harry Cockburnour environment corresponds, writes.

To emphasize that what we have is worth taking concerted action to protect, writers for The Independent have chosen some of their favorite poems which relate in some way to the natural world.

Zoe Tidmann22 April 2022 10:47

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