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World Series Game 1: Atlanta Braves v Houston Astros – Live! | Sport

Hello everyone and welcome to our coverage of the 117th World Series!

It’s the one that no one seems to have wanted, outside of, say, the Houston area, Cobb County in Georgia, and maybe Atlanta. There are a lot of enemies out there, we know this, and I understand the disappointment. Many of us would have rejoiced at the prospect of LA Joe Kelly pitching behind and behind Houston hitters on the greatest stage in baseball. But alas, Kelly was injured, the Braves sent the Dodgers to pack in the NL Championship Series, and the Los Angeles rematch tour is on hold for now.

However, all is not lost: let me launch you into this World Series.

The Braves are fabulous underdogs here. In July, they lost world outfielder Ronald Ocuna to a season-ending injury, and before that they lost another star outfielder, Marcell Ozuna, after he was arrested for domestic violence. Knowing that the NL East was mediocre at best, Atlanta Executive Vice President Alex Anthopoulos did not give up on the season but instead went to work rebuilding this outfield. He acquired Adam Duvall, Joc Pederson, and NLCS MVP Eddie Rosario, who became the NLCS MVP. He also acquired Jorge Soler in the last second: he is recovering from Covid-19 and could appear in this series.

Alex basically got all his trades right, which is incredibly rare, and the Braves outscored their rivals from third place and five games into the deadline for a division title with just 88 wins. Then they wiped out the 106-win Dodgers, which is quite an accomplishment.

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Atlanta also has an old school manager in Brian Snitker who roamed the Braves organization for decades before he got his chance, (His son Troy is a hitting coach for the Astros!) And he has a lovable star first baseman in Freddie Freeman.

It’s probably a 7.5 / 10 on the nice chart – not bad at all!

And Houston? Well, the Astros have Dusty Baker, who ranks 12th on the list of all-time manager wins, a group where the 11 in front of him have rings. So we can all support Dusty to get his rock, Right?

So let’s put all that Bravos white flight stadium, and the questionable “cut” of Atlanta and the fact that they had a anti-vaxxer sings the national anthem before the sixth game things behind us. And maybe for now, let’s forget about that little Astros cheating scandal, the way the property handled it, and that little incident of a employee mocking a journalist celebrating a player on his roster charged with domestic violence, and making it to this World Series, because he actually has great potential to light up the sport.

Agreed? it’s okay. So having said all that, feel free to join our live blog via tweet or email, with predictions, thoughts, feelings, etc. @lengeldavid on twitter and you can email me by clicking here. Enter the blog – I’ll make you famous!

We’ll have some light snacks before the first release, but for now, wherever you are, pop some popcorn, grab your sea water of choice, and get ready for the Fall Classic, which is coming soon.

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Stay with us!

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