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Wuthering Heights and Lionhearts – take the Thursday quiz Kate Bush special | life and style

It is Kate Bush’s birthday on Saturday, and so we have an exciting new one-off Thursday quiz format in her honour! Every one of these general knowledge and vaguely topical questions this week is loosely and tangentially related to one of the amazing songs that she has released over the years. But don’t worry – you don’t have to know anything about Kate Bush to take part. There are no prizes. It is just for fun. Let us know in the comments if you ended up Running Up That Hill like her ella’s international smash hit, or found yourself Suspended in Gaffa, one of the incredibly weird tracks from her ella’s brilliant The Dreaming album.

The Thursday quiz, No 66 – Kate Bush special edition

1.STRANGE PHENOMENA: Featured on Kate’s debut LP, this song is about how coincidences cluster together. But a strange phenomenon that happened last week was a weird pink glow in the sky in Australia. What was it?

two.BABOOSHKA: Kate’s Russian-themed song. Last week the US said it may have found one of the rare Fabergé eggs on an impounded oligarch yacht. How many Imperial Easter eggs do Fabergé say were created for the Russian Imperial family from 1885 to 1916?

3.BAMBOO-SHKA: You see what I did there? An An (pictured), the world’s oldest captive male giant panda, died in Hong Kong zoo last week. How old was AnAn?

Four.OH ENGLAND MY LIONHEART: This song was sort of the title track of Kate’s second album, Lionheart. But how did Richard I of England (engraved), often known as Richard the Lionheart, die?

5.OH ENGLAND MY LIONHEART (SLIGHT RETURN): It isn’t a lion (pictured), and it isn’t in England, but what is being returned to the wild in India’s forests for the first time in more than 70 years?

6.THERE GOES A TENNER: Kate released a single about a bank robbery from her album The Dreaming which failed to chart in the UK. But how many Indian rupees (roughly) would you get for £10 at the current exchange rates?

7.LAKE TAHOE: Is a ghost story featuring a dog on Kate Bush’s 50 Words For Snow album. But where is the real Lake Tahoe situated?

8.IN SEARCH OF PETER PAN: A song guaranteed to make the quiz master cry, it is about a child whose life is so terrible he wants to grow up to be Peter Pan. But who created the character of Peter Pan?

9.HAMMER HORROR: In Hammer Horror Kate tells the story of a leading actor haunted by the ghost of the man whose role he stole. But who (not pictured) used to star a lot as Count Dracula in the Hammer Horror movies?

10.GCSE MATHS CORNER BUT WITH A KATE BUSH TWIST: On her album Aerial, Kate Bush performs a song called Pi during which she recites the value of π at some considerable length. Which of these is the correct first six digits of the value of π?

eleven.JOANNI: Joanni is also on Kate’s album Aerial. Where was Joan of Arc put on trial by the English in 1431?

12.THE SAXOPHONE SONG: A not very imaginatively-titled track from Kate’s debut album features a saxophone. The not very imaginatively-titled instrument was patented by Adolphe Sax. But when?

13.KASHKA FROM BAGHDAD: This song was about a mysterious couple in a small town that nobody knows anything about, but everyone is curious. The Thursday Quiz is curious to know, which river flows through Baghdad?

14.WUTHERING HEIGHTS: No Kate Bush-themed quiz would be complete without a question about this novel. It was originally published under the pen name Ellis Bell. But which Brontë sister wrote it?

fifteen.IT’S ME, CATHY: And finally – what year did Kate Bush have her UK No 1 hit single with her debut release, Wuthering Heights?

  • If you do think there has been an egregious error in one of the questions or answers, please feel free to email [email protected], but remember, the quiz master’s word is always final, and he is about to go on holiday for a few weeks hence switching to formats that can be almost entirely pre-written with fewer topical elements. Just roll with it.

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