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WWE legend Diamond Dallas Page pays tribute to Scott Hall after sad passing

WWE legend Diamond Dallas Page described the late two-time Hall of Famer Scott Hall as the ‘James Dean’ of professional wrestling.

Hall, who also performed as Razor Ramon, died on Monday, March 14 at the age of 63 after being on life support having reportedly sustained three heart attacks two days earlier.

WWE legend Diamond Dallas Page paid tribute to fellow Hall of Famer Scott Hall


WWE legend Diamond Dallas Page paid tribute to fellow Hall of Famer Scott HallCredit: Getty

The Bad Guy underwent hip surgery a week earlier but is said to have then suffered a serious setback when a blood clot got loose, according to PWTorch.

The doctors could not save the former Intercontinental Champion and thus his life support was turned off as his family stood by his side.

DDP goes way back with Hall – they met in 1989 and enjoyed a strong friendship as they went on to take the world of pro wrestling by storm as two of WCW’s biggest stars.

Page is also credited as one of the main factors that helped Hall turn his life around almost 10 years ago after dealing with years of alcohol and drug abuse.

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As depicted in ‘The Resurrection of Jake the Snake’ documentary, the three-time world champ took Hall in at one of his homes – dubbed the Accountability Crib – and got him back in shape with his life-changing DDPY fitness programme.

The WWE Hall of Famer insists his good friend was a “demigod”, even though he didn’t know it.

Hall revolutionised wrestling while performing as a bad guy as he made fans root for heel characters and changed the game forever when he, Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash formed the famous New World Order (nWo) stable.

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DDP told SunSport: “I think Scott Hall is the James Dean of professional wrestling, he put the K in Kool.

“When people saw him last, he still looked like a million bucks, he looked like a movie star. His work in the ring was flawless, one of the best technicians especially with being at 6ft 6in and 260-295lbs. Smooth and slick.

“It hit me really hard cause [of] our lives, him and I met in Florida Championship Wrestling when we were both working for Dusty [Rhodes] in 1989.

“So since 89 me, [Eric] Bischoff, Scott, Kev [Nash], Jake [The Snake Roberts], Dusty, those are the guys that have come through my life so intensely.

“And Scott was as strong as anyone, I let him drive and taught me a lot about wrestling and he let me drive and let me give him an extra 10 years of life.


WWE legend Scott Hall, who wrestled as Razor Ramon, died last month


WWE legend Scott Hall, who wrestled as Razor Ramon, died last monthCredit: Not known, clear with picture desk

“I’m really glad that at least people got to see him for his inductions, when him and Jake went in the same year in 2014 ,I got to see him again last year [2020] on TV [get inducted with the nWo].

“He got to do a lot of personal appearances, a lot of people got to meet Scott Hall.

“My heart goes out to his family. He will be remembered forever. He’s gonna be a demigod in our world… he already was when he was living, he just never really understood he was.

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“He didn’t really think that people cared for him the way they do and now in Valhalla he realises it I’m sure. He’s gonna be missed and I love him dearly.”

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