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WWE Royal Rumble 2022: five possible participants of the forbidden door for the men’s match

In the last two years, the Forbidden Gate has been a term with little meaning in the world of professional wrestling. Athletes from various companies have applied for other promotions. But thanks to interpromotional collaborations, everything seems possible. WWE was not a part of those discussions until recently.

Mickie James, the Impact Wrestling Knockouts World Champion, will appear at the Women’s Royal Rumble on August 29. wrestlingVotes reported that WWE is looking to bring an “unexpected” star from Forbidden Door to the men’s Royal Rumble.

Who could it be?

There are many options of who could appear inside The Dome at America’s Center in St. Louis. Sporting News investigates the potential people who could appear in the match that kicks off the build of WrestleMania.

Matt Cardona

The ex Zack Ryder had people investing in him ever since he started Z-True Long Island Story on YouTube. Overcoming organically, Matt Cardona has a loyal following. Ever since WWE fired him, Cardona has found a way to stand out. Cardona has worked for Impact, GCW, NWA and AEW. His current run in GCW as “The Deathmatch King” has made him one of the best heels in the business.

By trolling fans with WWE references during his promos, Cardona would make for a nice surprise guest at the Royal Rumble, at a time when he’s as popular as ever.

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W. Morrissey

Another former WWE talent, the man formerly known as Big Cass set out to make a fresh start after being fired by WWE. W. Morrissey got into excellent shape and improved his skills in the ring, making him a sought after athlete. Competing for Impact Wrestling, Morrissey is a monster who has been fighting for the company’s world title. Seeing how WWE and Impact are working together, it wouldn’t be surprising to see someone else from the company enter the Royal Rumble.

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Morrissey, the big smooth man, would also be perfect for the Royal Rumble.

I raised

If Impact and WWE are going to team up, you might as well go all out. Moose, the Impact World Champion, showed up at WWE training camps in the early 2010s. Making a name for himself outside of the company, Moose made it to the top of the mountain by becoming WWE World Champion. Impact. What better way to show what he can do and improve Impact’s numbers than to have Moose at the Royal Rumble? WWE could also be looking for a future employee if all goes according to plan. Adding Moose would also play in the promos he has recently done in WWE.

While not every WWE fan may end up knowing who he is, a brief binge could bring people together to see him and Impact Wrestling in the future.

Chris Jericho

It is unknown if WWE and AEW would make a true team. However, there is one man who would have no problem walking through the Forbidden Gate. After all, he has done it before. Not long ago, former AEW World Champion Chris Jericho appeared on the Stone Cold podcast and became the first AEW star to appear on WWE programming. When he was working for New Japan Pro Wrestling, he also had a run with WWE.

While he’s secured a role in AEW, it seems Jericho’s influence may result in appearances wherever he sees fit. Most likely, WWE will welcome him, even if it’s for one night. The former undisputed champion competing inside a WWE ring after all is said and done would be a huge accomplishment but, to many, not a surprise.

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Sean Waltman

This feels like the most obvious choice of anyone on the list. WWE Hall of Famer Sean “X-Pac” Waltman recently announced that he is medically cleared to return to the ring. He appeared on a recent GCW show and made sure to say that he would answer the phone if WWE called. As a member of D-Generation X, Waltman embarks on another career, however brief it makes more sense. He might even surprise everyone.

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