Sunday, October 17

Xavier García Olle, straight to gold in the Optimist European




The Spanish Xavier García Olle and the Turkish Firdevs Yegin lead the final day of the Optimist European Championship that ends tomorrow in the waters of the Bay of Cádiz. Today was another afternoon marked by the east wind that has blown at an average intensity of 20 knots, which has required the utmost attention from the young skippers.

The strong current continues to demand the maximum from sailors, forced to manage this factor as a determining factor in the search for the goal. In this way there are tremendous comebacks and also quite the opposite, although today, unlike previous days, there was no specially favored board in the regatta area.

García Olle pulls the rents to allow himself a puncture in the first test, in which his immediate rivals in contention to accompany him on the final podium also failed. The Spaniard gets rid of a 20th and with a 7th in the other test, he regains his hegemony to defend the first place tomorrow with almost twenty points of advantage. Their rivals, the Italian Niccolo Pulito and the Turkish Yigit Ozbasoglu, put more into play today, in an intense heads-up that after puncturing both in the first test, it was decided in the second with an 8th from Pulito against a 40th from the Turkish who it forced him to change the locker discard. With the runner-up already more than ten points away, the goal of the Turk is now to maintain third place, since he is followed by one, two and three points in this order, the Valencian Carlos Espi, the Croatian Tristan Tol and the also Spanish from to the Balearic Juan Bennassar.

Upside down in the girls’ classification, where the leader up to now, Emilia Salvatore, drops from first to fifth after her worst day. The rising wind did not go well for the Italian and neither was the pressure exerted by rivals willing to give it their all until the end. In this case everything will be decided on a final card since the new leader, the Turkish Firdevs Yegin, is so by only three and four points over her compatriot Medine Havva Tatlican and the Italian Sofía Bommartini, second and third, respectively. Yegin, who started scoring a 1st, then added a 23rd that despite ruling out forces him to continue working tomorrow, and the lack of regularity among the applicants makes the pools very complicated in the face of the outcome. Today the Greek Kleopatra Anastassiou stood out with a 2nd and a 3rd that place her fourth to seven points, with six less than Salvatore. The first Spanish is the Valencian Blanca Ferrando, 10th, followed one place lower by the Andalusian Adriana Serra.

Tomorrow, Saturday, the last two tests will be held, after which the Optimist 2021 European champions will be confirmed. They and their companions on the men’s and women’s podiums, as well as the first in the silver and bronze groups, will receive the medals and trophies in the Closing ceremony that will take place at 9:00 p.m. on the sports court of the Bahía de Cádiz Specialized Sports Technification Center, headquarters of the Andalusian Sailing Federation in El Puerto de Santa María.

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