Monday, November 29

‘Xbox by Gucci’, the console of almost 9,000 euros that goes on sale this Wednesday

Xbox teams up with fashion brand Gucci.

The fashion firm Gucci has teamed up with tech giant Microsoft to launch this November 17 a limited edition of 100 units of the game console next-generation Xbox Series X for $ 10,000 each (8,750 euros), as revealed by the Italian brand itself through its social networks.

An agreement that is born from the celebrations that both Gucci and Xbox are carrying out this 2021, a year in which the fashion firm celebrates its hundred years of life, while Microsoft also commemorates the 25th anniversary of the launch of its first Xbox.

The result has been the birth of this ‘Xbox by Gucci’, a device whose main uniqueness is its design, as it is fully adorned by the two interlocking G’s of the logo of this brand born in Florence in 1921 and that recalls precisely its founder, the prestigious designer Guccio Gucci.

In terms of technological features, this Xbox is totally the same as the Xbox Series X that are currently on the market and whose price ranges between 500 and 600 euros, an amount that is also kept in dollars.

But whoever wants to acquire this limited edition of only 100 units will have to make a much higher outlay: $ 10,000 (8,750 euros) to acquire a kit in which, in addition to the fully customized game console, there is also a Gucci exclusive briefcase valued at about $ 6,000 (5,250 euros) and two exclusive controls and a subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

‘Xbox by Gucci’ goes on sale this November 17 and to give it even more exclusivity it can only be purchased in official physical Gucci stores such as those in New York, Beverly Hills, Madrid, London, Milan, Berlin, Tokyo, Beijing or the City of Mexico, among others.

This is Gucci’s most important foray into the world of video games, although it is not the first. In 2020 he launched an ‘arcade’ type game for Android devices called ‘Gucci Mascara Hunt’, and this year he also made another nod by creating his own island (‘Guilty Gucci’) for the video game ‘Animal Crossing’, the successful title Nintendo social simulation.

Precisely in this last game, the ‘Animal Crossing’, another Italian fashion firm such as Valentino was also encouraged to make its first steps in the gaming universe by allowing the avatars of the players to wear clothing with their brand.

Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga also did something similar. The first designed a line to decorate weapons and accessories of the ‘League of Legends’ the popular multiplayer online battle video game that also sweeps the eSports competitions; while the second created 50 models so that ‘Fortnite’ players could customize their virtual characters.

Also the Italian Moschino took out clothes and accessories for ‘The Sims 4’, while the British Burberry went further and in 2019 released its own video game, ‘B Bounce’, which could be accessed through its website and in the that the players had the task of trying to take a deer dressed in different jackets of this firm to the moon.

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