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XERXIA upset OpTic Gaming 2-0 in 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavik group stage

XERXIA Esports pulled off a substantial upset against OpTic Gaming, defeating the powerful North American team at VCT Masters Reykjavík in the second Group B opening match today.

XERXIA started Icebox on a high note, winning the first four rounds with little issue. OpTic finally stopped the bleeding in round five, with yay finishing the round with two well-placed shots from Chamber’s pistol. But XERXIA shifted their focus to A site on round six, successfully taking the site and forcing two OpTic players to save. XERXIA tried A site again in the following round, but Marved and yay successfully retooled the site to win the round.

The following two rounds went in favor of XERXIA, who maintained their methodical and effective style as they attacked sites. Yay almost secured an ace in round 10, but only scored four kills before dying, although his team cleaned up the round with little issue. OpTic won the final two rounds in the first half to bring the game to a respectable 7-5 scoreline.

OpTic started the second half with a push towards A site, and both teams traded a kill before OpTic rotated to B. The North American team successfully planted the spike with less than 20 seconds left in the round and secured the crucial pistol round. OpTic dominated the following round, but XERXIA absolutely derailed their momentum with three quick kills at the start of round 15 and killed the American team without losing a player. XERXIA followed up with another round win before OpTic called a timeout to prevent XERXIA from running away with the map.

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Round 17 was a nailbiter. Crashies narrowly prevented two XERXIA players from defusing the spike at the last second with Sova’s ultimate, resulting in XERXIA using their own timeout. But XERXIA won the following three rounds, taking the game to match point. OpTic won rounds 21 and 22 to survive, forcing XERXIA to save two weapons in hopes of winning the map. XERXIA finally secured their map pick 13-10.

The first pistol round on Ascent went in OpTic’s favor, although it was a little too close for comfort for them. The North American team won round two, but XERXIA stopped them with ease in round three. XERXIA continued to hold the line in the next two rounds until OpTic tied the game with a win in round six and took the lead in round seven. But once again, XERXIA successfully stopped OpTic from taking A site as sushiboys killed three enemies to save the day.

OpTic called a timeout before round nine, but it wasn’t enough to prevent XERXIA from winning the next four rounds. Sushiboys also proved that pros don’t fake in round 11, defusing the Spike while FNS failed to check the Spike.

OpTic prevented XERXIA from continuing the slaughter in the second half by successfully retaking B site in the pistol round. XERXIA forced in round 14 to try and capitalize on planting the Spike in the pistol round, but OpTic took won the pistol round and the round that followed it. XERXIA finally got on the board in the second half in round 16, taking B site and preventing the North American team from regaining too much ground.

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XERXIA won round 17 and 18, but OpTic proved they were not going to let XERXIA secure a 2-0 without putting up a fight by winning round 19-21. But XERXIA took the series to match point by winning a thrifty round in round 22 and finally closed the series in round 23.

XERXIA will face Team Liquid in the Group B Winner’s match tomorrow at 2pm CT. OpTic Gaming has a chance for survival if they can beat KRU Esports in the Group B Elimination Match on Tuesday, April 12, at 1pm CT.

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